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Free Password Manager

10 Best Free Password Manager to Secure Your Password For 2021

Free Password Manager always helps to make Strong passwords to protect your devices, online banking accounts and other data sources from unauthorized access. ...
15 Billion Stolen Credentials

Beware!! 15 Billion Stolen Username & Passwords for Sale On the Dark Web

New research indicates that more than 15 billion username and passwords are circulated on the dark web. This exposed credentials would result in account...
Worst Passwords 2019

Worst Passwords Used in 2019 – Here is the List of Top 50 Common...

Despite the importance of setting strong passwords, users continue to setup week passwords which are easy to guess for an attacker. A strong password...
Amazon echo

Wi-Fi Bug in Millions of Amazon Echo and Kindle Devices Let Attackers Steal Sensitive...

The KRACK attack was published by two Belgian researchers in October 2017. The attacks are based on the weaknesses in the WPA2 protocol...

Combolists-as-a-Service – Hackers Sell Stolen Passwords on underground Hacking Forums

Threat actors advertising a new Combolists-as-a-Service model to sell credentials on the underground hacking forums that enable account takeovers. Attackers employ several methods to...

2 Million Wi-Fi Passwords Leaked Through Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder App

A Wi-Fi hotspot app exposed more than two million Wi-Fi network passwords from its unprotected database. The app named WiFi Finder, downloaded by thousands of...

Most Hacked Passwords – Top 100,000 Common Passwords that Already Known to Hackers

Password plays a vital role in securing your account, a common password is easy to remember, but it will be easier for an attacker...

Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of Users Password in Plain Text

Facebook Stored their hundreds of millions of users password in plain text instead of masking it as a human-readable format. These millions of unencrypted plain...

New Unpatched macOS Zero-day Flaw Allows Attackers to Read Passwords in Plain Text &...

A security researcher revealed a new critical macOS Zero-day vulnerability in the keychain that is integrated into macOS allows an attacker to read all...

Massive Collection of 2.2 Billion Usernames and Passwords Circulated in Hacker Forums

A new collection of massive breached database freely distributed on hacker forums and torrents. The breached database contains a collection of 2.2 billion unique...

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