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acy Control

Facebook Released New Location Privacy Control for Android Users to Stop Collecting Location Data

Facebook announced new location privacy control future for Android users that allows users to control their location data that collects by Facebook.
Lock Down

Best ways to Lock Down the Highly Sensitive Data From the Massive Breaches

The vast quantities of systems, devices, and users, along with the colossal amount of data built, transferred and stored each day means that companies...
1.5 billion sensitive files

1.5 Billion Files Exposed on Internet from Misconfigured FTP, SMB & S3 Buckets:12 Petabytes...

More than 1.5 billion sensitive files exposed online publicly that including Patent Application, Payroll, Tax Return, Patient List, Copyright Application and Source Code. The data...
Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot API Abused by TeleRAT Android Malware and Steal Sensitive Data from Android...

A Newly Discovered Andoird Malware called TeleRAT are abused Telegram Bot API that used to command and control the malicious Android applications. TeleRAT is a...
Accenture Data Leak

Accenture Data Leak Exposed 137 Gigabytes of Highly Sensitive Data Online Including Master key

One of the Worlds Largest Consulting Firm "Accenture" Owned four Biggest cloud-based storage servers left Openly in Public without Securing Tons of Highly sensitive...


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