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Microsoft Contractors

Microsoft Contractors are Listening some Personal Conversations of Skype Calls and Cortana Commands

Microsoft contractors manually listening to the personal conversation of Skype users and Cortana commands according to Motherboard report.
Skype Private Conversation

Skype Announced End-to-End Encryption Across all the Platforms

Last January skype announced end-to-end encrypted Private Conversations and now it becomes live for users on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows desktop platforms. Skype...

Hackers Now Switching to Telegram as a Secret Communication Medium for Underground Cybercrimes

Cyber Criminals begins switching Telegram for major underground communications for various cybercrimes and illegal operation since the Underground cybercrime marketplaces are continually taken down by Law...

Advanced Android Malware Steal Users Facebook, Twitter, Telegram,Skype Messenger Data

A Newly discovered  Android Trojan with Hidden Malicious code compromise Android Phone and steal sensitive information from victims well-known chat Messengers. Andriod Malware is kept increasing and targeting...
Skype Private Conversation

Skype to add End-to-End Encryption for Audio, Text messages, Images and Videos

Microsoft to add end-to-end encrypted Private Conversations for Audio, Text messages, Images, and videos and now for available for Skype Insiders with Skype version...


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