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Beware of Fake FlipperZero Sites That Promise Free Device Offer

A website pretending to be Flipper Devices offers a free FlipperZero in exchange for completing an offer, but it merely directs users to insecure...

Wifi cracker – Pentesting Wifi Network with Fern WiFi Password Auditing Tool

A WiFi cracker is a software tool or program that is designed to exploit vulnerabilities in wireless networks and gain unauthorized access to them.It...

How to Hack WPA/WPA2 PSK Enabled WiFi Password in Your Network

New Attack method for WiFi hackers discovered to hack WiFi Password secured with WPA/WPA2 in WiFi networks that allow attackers to gain a Pre-shared...
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How to Hack-proof Your Wireless Internet at Home

In the day and age when life runs on Wi-Fi, a hacked WIFI system can prove to be detrimental. Imagine someone streaming movies all...

Hackers Hijacked More Than 100,000 Routers DNS Settings and Redirecting Users to Malicious WebSites

Hackers hijacked 100,000+ Routers and modified their DNS settings to redirect their DNS requests through malicious DNS servers to steal banking credentials.The DNSChanger campaign...

23-year-old Security Engineer Pleaded Guilty For Hacking the Hotel WiFi and Exposing Admin Credentials

A 23-year-old Chinese security engineer hacked into the hotel WiFi system and disclosed the administrator credentials in a blog post.Zheng Dutao is a security...

Kickout Devices Out of Your Network and Enjoy all the Bandwidth

Are you fed up of your annoying roommate or flatmates because they are using all the bandwidth of your wifi connection?Here is the solution...

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