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GroundPeony Group Exploiting Zero-day Flaw to Attack Government Agencies

A cyber attack group - GroundPeony, targeting the Taiwanese government, was discovered in March 2023; it used several tactics, such as tampering with legitimate...
Steam Windows Client

Steam Windows Client Zero-day Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Affects Over 125 Million Users

The Steam windows client privilege escalation vulnerability allows an attacker with normal user privilege can run arbitrary code as an administrator.The Zero-day vulnerability was...
Windows Zero-day bug

Anonymous Hacker Leaked Another 2 Windows Zero-day Exploit in GitHub

SanboxEscaper, an anonymous hacker, exploit writer leaked two more Windows zero-day bug in Github along with exploit code.Yesterday, she published a 5th Zero-day bug...

Beware!! New Zero-day Vulnerability Found in Adobe Flash Player – Still No Patches Available

Adobe Flash Player now suffering from brand New Zero-day vulnerability with high severity rate and researchers believes that it cause a Severe impact on...

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