Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities

New Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities Used to Distribute Zyklon Malware that Creating Backdoor

Recently patched critical Microsoft office vulnerabilities are used for distributing powerful Zyklon Malware that has some sophisticated functionalities such as creating a backdoor in victims machine. Zyklon Malware has widely spread across the world since 2016 and its mainly targeting Telecommunications, Insurance,...
Daserf Backdoor

A New Hacking Group Spreading Sophisticated “Daserf” Backdoor using Steganography

A new Cyber cyberespionage group called REDBALDKNIGHT Spreading advance Daserf Backdoor against Japanese based government agencies such as biotechnology, electronics manufacturing, and industrial chemistry systems. This sophisticated backdoor capable of performing some dangerous activities including execute shell commands, download and...
Python Backdoor

New Python Backdoor Allows Hackers to Control Your Infected Device Remotely

A Newly discovered backdoor that was written in Python has been detected as Python.BackDoor.33 with 3  interesting futures (stealer, keylogger, backdoor) that allow hackers to take full control of your infected device. Recent threats are mainly had backdoor capabilities and...

SYSCON Backdoor Uses FTP as a Command & Control Server

A Critical Backdoor called "SYSCON" uses File Transfer Protocol ( FTP ) as a Command & Control Server unlike Traditional Command & Control Server that uses HTTPS or TCT/IP Connections. Using FTP Sever as a Command &  Control Server Provide several...
ATM Hack

New Trending Method of Network Based ATM Malware Attacks

Nowadays  ATM Based Cyber Attacks are Evolving with Much More Advance methods and Functions via Sophisticated Malware especially through Network Based ATM Malware Attacks that Play Major Role in Digital ATM Related Cyber Attacks. Traditions physical attempt of emptying ATM...


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