Backdoor "Stantinko" Infected 5 Lakh PC's

A Sophisticated Backdoor Called “Stantinko” Infected More Than 500,000 Computers

An Advance Backdoor called "Stantinko" Installed  More than half Million Computer Around the World which Automatically injects Malicious ads Through Browser Extension while surfing on the internet and Create a Backdoor in Victims Computer. Stantinko has Capable of highly obfuscated...
Trojan Embedded Game BlazBlue Downloaded by a Million Android Users

Trojan Embedded Game BlazBlue Downloaded by More than Million Android Users from PlayStore

Security experts from Dr.Web found malicious trojan embedded with popular game BlazBlue and it has been downloaded by Millions of users. Malicious application dubbed as Android.DownLoader.558.origin as a part of special SDK package named Excelliance. Excelliance is designed to Automate...

A Powerful .NET Spyware Creating Backdoor and Records Full videos, Spying on User Activities

A New.NET Spyware Discovered as "Backdoor.DuBled"  has some sophisticated functions unlike other spyware,it can also records full videos, spying on user activities ,and send it across to an attacker. Recent Malware are embedded with legitimate applications that used to evade malware...
multi-component Trojan Linux.LuaBot

Serious Threat: A multi-component Trojan from Linux.LuaBot family infecting Linux devices

Security Experts from Doctor Web have analyzed a complex multi-part Trojan that taints Linux devices having different hardware architectures. The Trojan contaminates devices having the accompanying models: Intel x86 (and Intel x86_64), MIPS, MIPSEL, Power PC, ARM, SPARC, SH4, and...

Malware Tricks to Avoid Detection by using Big Junk Data and Activates a Backdoor

A New technique used by Malware authors by Creating More unwanted junk file embedded with Malicious payload which leads to Avoid Detection by AV. Those unwanted Garbage files contains more than 100 MB junk files. According to the Researchers from...


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