Beware:Emails Delivering Backdoor and Injecting Malicious Scripts into Enterprise Networks

Nowadays Email campaign playing major role to spreading Malwares, backdoor and advance exploit to take over the single target and Enterprise networks. A New Backdoor Contained Malicious Email champaign that carries Malicious scripts which are spreading in Russian Language and...

A Backdoor Called “BackDoor.Dande” Infected Drugstores and Pharmaceutical Companies Computers

The new investigation revealed that "Backdoor.Dande" Trojan Attack Drugstores and pharmaceutical companies computer systems and open a Backdoor with Eprica applications Components. This Trojan Loaded as an Eprica Applications Components but it's not limited the infection and also embedded with earlier versions...

CowerSnail Backdoor from the Developers of SambaCry

Security experts from Kaspersky labs identified a new backdoor Trojan CowerSnail that targets Windows system was created by the Authors of SambaCry that exploits Linux systems running with older versions of Samba(3.5.0). Both the Sambacry and CowerSnail using the same C&C server which indicates CowerSnail...
Backdoor "Stantinko" Infected 5 Lakh PC's

A Sophisticated Backdoor Called “Stantinko” Infected More Than 500,000 Computers

An Advance Backdoor called "Stantinko" Installed  More than half Million Computer Around the World which Automatically injects Malicious ads Through Browser Extension while surfing on the internet and Create a Backdoor in Victims Computer. Stantinko has Capable of highly obfuscated...
Trojan Embedded Game BlazBlue Downloaded by a Million Android Users

Trojan Embedded Game BlazBlue Downloaded by More than Million Android Users from PlayStore

Security experts from Dr.Web found malicious trojan embedded with popular game BlazBlue and it has been downloaded by Millions of users. Malicious application dubbed as Android.DownLoader.558.origin as a part of special SDK package named Excelliance. Excelliance is designed to Automate...


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