Friday, April 12, 2024
New Phishing Attacks

New Phishing Attacks Using ChatGPT to Develop Sophisticated Campaigns

Phishing has been one of the greatest threats to organizations, growing year after year. Phishing attacks have contributed to 90% of data breaches in...

ChatGPT Account Takeover Bug Allows Hackers To Gain User’s Online Account

An independent security analyst and bug hunter, Nagli (@naglinagli), recently uncovered a critical security vulnerability in ChatGPT that allow attackers to easily exploit the...

European Data Protection Board Creates Task Force to Investigate ChatGPT

On Thursday, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB)announced that it had established a task force on ChatGPT, a potentially significant first step towards a uniform...

ChatGPT Ready to Write Ransomware But Failed to Go Deep 

Our lives are now enriched by the availability of LLMs that are easily accessible on the internet, so we have tools such as the...

ChatGPT Exposes Email Address of Other Users – Open-Source Bug

There were a number of users whose email addresses were exposed accidentally by ChatGPT's website recently. While OpenAI asserted that the cause was a...

Malicious ChatGPT Chrome Extension Steal Facebook Accounts

Thousands of Facebook accounts have been stolen due to a trojanized version of the legitimate ChatGPT extension for Google Chrome. The trojanized version of...

OpenAI Announces GPT-4, the Successor of ChatGPT

A powerful new AI model called GPT-4 has been released recently by OpenAI, which is capable of comprehending images and texts. The company describes...

Hackers Could Use ChatGPT to Generate Convincing Scam Messages in Seconds

Using technology powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), scammers can now take advantage of potential victims looking for love online by deceiving them by using...

ChatGPT Can Be Used to Create Dangerous Polymorphic Malware

The cybersecurity experts at CyberArk have provided information on the mechanism by which the ChatGPT AI chatbot can produce a new strain of polymorphic...

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