VLC Player

Critical Vulnerabilities in VLC Player Let Hacker Stream Untrusted Video To Hack Your PC...

Its time for hackers to hack your PC using malformed video file, yes, critical vulnerabilities in VLC media Player let attackers load...

Hacking vs Spying: How Puzzling it is to Find the Hackers in Cyber World

The cyber world is a weird world and cell phones have added a new dimension to it. You can’t judge your friends...
Tap ’n Ghost Attack

Newly Discovered Tap ’n Ghost Attack Let Hackers to Remotely Control Android Smartphones

A new attack dubbed Tap ‘n Ghost targets NFC enabled Android smartphones, let attackers to trigger malicious events on the victim's smartphone...
Email Hacking Tool

Iranian Based OilRig APT Hackers Owned Email Hacking Tool Leaked in Telegram

OilRig APT hackers group owned Email Hacking Tool leaked by another group of hackers named “Lab Dookhtegan” in Telegram.
Remote Admin Tool

TA505 Hackers Group Modifies Remote Admin Tool as a Weaponized Hacking Tool To Attack...

Threat actors from TA505 hacking group conducting new wave attack by modifying the legitimate remote admin tool to Weaponized hacking tool that...


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