Automated Web Application Security Tool “Acunetix ” Now Available on macOS & ...

Acunetix, a global leader in automated web application security, is now available on macOS. Customers can now harness the full power of...
Cisco Security Flaws

Critical Cisco Security Flaws Allow Complete Router Firewall Takeover

Cisco patched critical vulnerabilities with Cisco Small Business that allows a remote attacker to take full control of the high-privileged account. Also...
SAP RECON Vulnerability

Critical SAP Recon Vulnerability Affecting Over 40,000 Customers

SAP released updates for critical security vulnerability found in the SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA (LM Configuration Wizard) versions 7.30 to 7.50.
Home Routers

Popular Home Routers Affected With Multiple Critical Security Flaws

According to a new report, 127 home routers developed by seven different large vendors affected with multiple critical security flaws.
Citrix ADC

Hackers Actively Scanning & Constantly Attempt To Exploit Citrix ADC Vulnerabilities

Recently, the Citrix published a set of 11 vulnerabilities in its most popular products that includes Citrix ADC as well, new research...


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