Hackers using weaponized TeamViewer to Attack & Gain Full Control of the Government Networks

Researchers spotted a new wave of cyber attack from Russian speaking hacker who uses the weaponized TeamViewer to compromise and gain the full control of the Government network systems. Teamviewer is the most popular...
SIM Swap

SIM Swap Attack Let Hackers Port a Telephone Number to a New SIM to...

Cybercriminals are activity performing SIM swap Attack in various countries to bypass 2 Factor Authentication and to compromise the various social media apps including WhatsApp by porting a victims telephone number to a new SIM card.

FBI-affiliated Websites Hacked – Hackers Steals Agents Personal data From Websites and Published Online

Hackers have breached FBI-affiliated websites and published the personal data of federal agents and law enforcement officers online. The hackers published sensitive data that contains 4,000 unique records after duplicates were removed, including...
DNS Hijacking

New DNS Hijacking Attack Exploiting DLink Routers to Target Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Gmail Users

Cybercriminals continuously perform DNS hijacking attack to the consumer's routers over the past 3 months, and the sites targeted for phishing includes Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Gmail. DNS hijacking is a type of malicious...

Osmedeus – Fully Automated Offensive Security Tool for Reconnaissance & Vulnerability Scanning

Osmedeus is a fully automated tool that allows you to run the collection of awesome tools to reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning against the target. How to use If you have no...


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