Image Inversion Technique

Attackers Using Image Inversion Technique to Bypass Office 365 Filtering Mechanism

A creative Office 365 phishing campaign was discovered by WMC Global Analysis researchers that a legitimate login page of a Microsoft Account,...
Gitpaste-12 Malware

Gitpaste-12 Malware via GitHub and Pastebin Attacks Linux Servers and IoT Devices

Gitpaste-12 is a new worm that uses GitHub and Pastebin for housing component code and has atleast 12 different attack modules available....
QBot Trojan Attacks

QBot Trojan Attacks Victims with Malicious Election Interference Attachments

QBot malware, also referred to as Qakbot and Pinkslipbot, is a banking Trojan active since 2008. Attackers are using the QBot malware with updated...
King Engine Ransomware

Fake COVID-19 Test Results Drop King Engine Ransomware

According to Cofense Intelligence researchers, a new version of Hentai OniChan Ransomware dubbed “King Engine” is being delivered during a Coronavirus-themed phishing...
Maze Ransomware Operators Shuts Down

Infamous Maze Ransomware Operators Shuts Down Operations

Maze ransomware, one of the most dangerous and potent strains of Windows ransomware that have hit companies and organizations around the world...


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