Top 10 Proactive Controls

OWASP Released Top 10 Proactive Controls that Software Developers to Keep in Mind

OWASP released Top 10 Proactive Controls for Software developers describing the more critical areas that software developers must focus on. The OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls 2018 contains a list of security techniques that every developer should consider for every...
Burp Extension Replicator

New Valuable Burp Extension that helps Developers to Reproduce Issues Detected by Pentesters

Burp is one of the most famous tool used by pentesters, which incorporates a full static code investigation engine to discover vulnerabilities. PortSwigger Security released a new Burp Extension Replicator. The graphical tool is composed in Java and it was Created PortSwigger Security....
Burp Suite

New Burp Suite Version 1.7.30 Released that adds Support to Scan for Individual Issues

Burp Suite is a graphical tool for testing Web application security. The tool is composed in Java and created by PortSwigger Security. Burp Scanner is composed of industry-driving penetration testers. Burp Scanner incorporates a full static code investigation engine for...

What is OWSAP

OWASP stands for Open Web Application Security Project  is an non-profitable online community who provide articles, tools for web application security. OWSAP released top-10 critical vulnerabilities with web applications and for each risks description,example vulnerabilities and attacks provided. Current version of Top-1o...


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