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Dangerous Android Banking Trojan Control Mobile Devices and Steals Confidential Bank Customers Information

New Banking Trojan Discovered that named Android.BankBot.211.Origin controls the Mobile Devices and steals confidential bank customer information by using accessibility  services.

This Banking Trojan forced Victims to grant the access to install into their Mobile and it Distributed through Well known applications such as Adobe Flash Player.

Once successfully installed  and launches the Trojan, the banker tries to gain access to the Accessibility Service.

Trojan keep Displays in Windows with a a request that “reappears at every attempt to close it” which make the device doesn’t allow to used it by the Victim.

Initial Target was Attempted to Turkish Bank and later on the list was expanded to include residents of other countries, including Germany, Australia, Poland, France, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

Control over Accessibility services

Accessibility services helps to user to disables the program which not in used by the users such as buttons in dialog boxes.

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This Trojan forced the user to allow the Malicious Program that independently adding into the administrator access list.

According to  Dr.Web, Android.BankBot.211.origin establishes itself as the default message manager and gains access to the screen capture function. All these actions are accompanied by a display of system requests that can be overlooked entirely because the malicious program immediately confirms them.

If users tried to disable the Android.BankBot.211.origin program, soon it returns to Previous system Menu.

Fraudulent windows Android.BankBot.211.origin

Once the infection has successfully completed, it will be connected to the command and control server and wait for the further instructions to steal the information from the Victims.

This Trojan has the Ability to attack any Applications and Malware authors update their access configuration files for the list of targeted programs.

Attacker received the list Once C&C sever connection successfully obtained.

According to Dr.Web  After successful infection it can able to Perform the following  Actions.

  • Send an SMS containing a specific text to the number specified in the command;
  • Send to the server SMS data stored in the device memory;
  • Forward to the server information about the installed applications, the contact list, and phone call data;
  • Open the link specified in a command;
  • Change the address of the command center.

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