Whether it is for the safety of a child or for the trust in your relationship, tracking a phone secretly is real. You can track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free with Free Phone Number Tracker and continue exploring the tracking methods according to your needs. There are online tools that let you stay anonymous, as well as tracking apps that work discreetly. Let’s see the best of them.

How to track someone’s location without them knowing

Covertly tracking a phone requires leveraging the inherent features and functionalities of modern smartphones. The primary method revolves around utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, which enables accurate location tracking. Additionally, various sensors within smartphones, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, can be utilized to further enhance location accuracy. 

By tapping into these technologies, it becomes possible to track a phone whereabouts without the knowledge of the device owner. The modern applications have mastered this method so well that the average user only needs to follow simple instructions, moreover, for iPhones, the installation can even be done remotely. 

Best phone tracker app without permission

Tracking apps provide a user-friendly solution for those seeking to track a phone discreetly. These apps can be installed on both Android and iOS devices and operate stealthily in the background, without arousing suspicion. 

Once installed, these tracking apps allow authorized users to monitor the target device’s location in real-time. They often offer additional features such as geofencing, as well as comprehensive monitoring of any other digital activity on the target phone.  


mSpy is a popular tracking app that offers a range of features for monitoring and tracking mobile devices. It works more than 10 years and has more than 1.5 million customers across 180 countries.

mSpy allows parents to keep an eye on their child’s online activities, including social media, messaging apps, and browsing history. The app provides real-time GPS tracking, geofencing, and call/message monitoring. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. While for Android, mSpy needs at least 5 minutes of physical access to install, for iOS all can be done remotely via iCloud credentials. But for both, mSpy works in a stealth mode.


AirDroid is a popular remote device management app that allows users to access and control their Android devices from a computer or another mobile device. Parents can remotely view the screen of their child’s device, access text messages, and receive notifications. And yes, AirDroid Parental Monitoring app works in stealth mode.

Besides, AirDroid works since 2011 and has different offers for family and business usage. 


EyeZy is a comprehensive tracking app that focuses on providing advanced security and surveillance features. It offers real-time location tracking, geofencing, and alerts for entering or leaving designated areas. 

EyeZy also includes features like social spotlight with the ability to monitor Snapchat, Kik, Facebook and other social media. Additionally, it provides monitoring of text messages, calls, and internet activities. EyeZy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, does regularly updates and bug fixes for its apps.

Talking about stealth mode, it’s one of the priorities for effective monitoring with EyeZy.  

Best Online Tools for Anonymous Tracking

You can track someone by cell phone number without them knowing using online tools, without installing any software. These are Scannero.io, GEOfinder.mobi and Locationtracker.mobi among others. How to use them?

  1. Create an account at one of these sites and choose subscription. Some of them offer cheap trials.
  2. Enter the number and select the anonymous message that will be sent with the location request link. GEOfinder and Locationtracker ask you to download any picture to generate a link. You can edit the text to be sure the target clicks on it. 
  3. Send the message and wait when the person clicks the link. Then you’ll get their precise location in your account dashboard.


Tracking a phone without someone’s knowledge can be a justifiable action when motivated by the safety and well-being of individuals. By using tracking apps or online services within legal frameworks, parents can ensure their children’s security, and partners can maintain constant contact without compromising privacy.


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