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Triout Android malware

Hackers Tampered the Popular Android App With 50 Million Downloads to Deliver Malware

Threat actors tainted the popular Android app within Google play with more than 50 million installs to deliver the Triout Android malware.

Spyware From Google Play as a Legitimate Android Apps That Infected 196 Country Users

Dangerous spyware apps discovered form the Google play store that posed as legitimate apps and almost 100,000 users downloaded and affected these...
Fake Fortnite Game

Android Gamers Beware of Fake Fortnite Game that Contains Spyware and Cryptocurrency Miner

Android malware posing as Fake Fortnite Game includes spyware, cryptocurrency miner and install unwanted apps that show ads to generate revenue for authors. Epic...
5 Million Android Phones Infected

5 Million Android Phones Infected with Pre-installed RottenSys Malware

Android Malware dubbed RottenSys disguised as System Wi-Fi service found preinstalled in 5 million Android phones infected including the top brands in the market...

New Sophisticated Blackmailing RedDrop Malware that Records Nearby Audio on Infected Devices

A new sophisticated more aggressive Android malware strain dubbed RedDrop contains a number of functions that cause financial and data loss on infected devices....


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