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Docker Hub Account

Hackers Abusing Docker Hub Account to Mine Monero Cryptocurrency

Researchers observed a malicious Docker Hub account, "azurenql" that was active since October 2019 hosting malicious images to mine cryptocurrency, Monero.
miner malware

Miner Malware Uses Multiple Propagation Methods to Infect Windows Machines and to Drop Monero...

A miner malware that uses a number of techniques that includes EternalBlue, Powershell abuse, pass-the-hash technique, Windows admin tools, and brute force...
brute-force attack

New Hacking Group Outlaw Distributing Botnet to Scan The Network & Perform Cryptocurrency-Mining &...

A new hacking group called Outlaw distributing powerful botnet in order to perform the network scanning crypto-mining operation, a brute-force attack on vulnerable systems. This new threat...
SSH Service

Cryptocurrency-Mining Botnet Attack SSH Service Running IoT Devices

Newly discovered cryptocurrency mining bot targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) devices which contain SSH service and  IoT-related ports, including 22, 2222, and 502. Cryptocurrency-mining...
Russian Scientists arrested

Russian Scientists arrested for using Secret Nuclear Weapons Lab Supercomputer to Mine Bitcoin

Russian Scientists arrested for using All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics supercomputers to mine bitcoins secretly. The institute was located in the city of...


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