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Record Breaking DDoS Attack

Record Breaking DDoS Attack – 158.2 Million Packets Per Second

When a DDoS attack is conducted, the server being targeted receives a large number of garbage requests. As a result, the server's capacity is...
Taiwanese Websites Hit by DDoS Attacks

Taiwanese Websites Hit by DDoS Attacks Ahead of Nancy Pelosi’s Visit

Taiwan’s Presidential website and several websites run by the government of Taiwan were disrupted by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks hours before United States Speaker...
Largest DDoS Attack Ever

Largest DDoS Attack Ever – 659.6 Million Packets Per Second

In the past few weeks, an organization in Eastern Europe has been the victim of the biggest DDoS attack that the continent has ever...
26 Million Request Per Second DDoS Attack Detected – Largest HTTPS DDoS Ever Recorded

26 Million Request Per Second DDoS Attack Detected – Largest HTTPS DDoS Ever Recorded

For the protection of Cloudflare customers last week, Cloudflare assessed 26 million requests per second and mitigated the attacks as part of a DDoS...
Roboto Botnet

Roboto Botnet Exploiting Linux Webmin Server RCE Vulnerability To Perform DDoS Attack

A new wave of Roboto Botnet activities being discovered that attack the Linux Webmin servers by exploiting the RCE vulnerability using vulnerability scanning and...
under DDoS Attack

How to Find out if you are under a DDoS Attack?

Cyberattacks have always surprised security experts because they are sneaky and come in different forms. Distributed Denial of Service is a process of driving...
Massive DDoS Attack

Massive DDoS Attack on Streaming Service with 292,000 RPS (Requests Per Second) From 402,000...

An unrevealed streaming site hit with massive DDoS attack from 402,000 different IoT(Internet of Things) Botnet IPs, which directed a peak flow of 292,000...
gaming companies

Hacker Sentenced 27 months in prison for Launching Massive DDoS Attacks on Sony and...

A man from Utah sentenced 27 months in prison for launching massive DDoS attack against Sony and online gaming companies and its servers. Austin Thompson (23)...

Who and Why Make DDoS Attacks on The Site of Colleges and Universities ?

Sites of colleges and universities are constantly subject to DDOS attacks. But who does it? do students really need to drop sites?” Hacking is a...

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