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gaming companies

Hacker Sentenced 27 months in prison for Launching Massive DDoS Attacks on Sony and...

A man from Utah sentenced 27 months in prison for launching massive DDoS attack against Sony and online gaming companies and its servers.

Who and Why Make DDoS Attacks on The Site of Colleges and Universities ?

Sites of colleges and universities are constantly subject to DDOS attacks. But who does it? do students really need to drop sites?”

Newly Emerging DDoS Botnet Attack on Electrum Takes 152,000 Hosts Under its Control

Newly Emerging DDoS botnet attack that targets one of the most popular bitcoin wallet Electrum and now it reaches the 152,000 infected...
DDoS-for-hire service

Operation Power OFF -Authorities Tracking Down the largest Market place offering DDoS-for-hire Services

The Operation Power OFF has taken down the largest illegal market place offering DDoS-for-hire service Webstresserorg last April. Authorities collected 151 000...

A New Massive DDoS Attack bit-and-Piece Pattern Targeting Internet Service Providers

Internet service providers hit with a new stealthy volumetric attack by injecting the malicious traffic with the legitimate traffic to evade detection.


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Infosec Resource

Most Important Security Tools and Resources For Security Researcher and Malware...

Security Professionals always need to learn many tools, techniques, and concepts to analyze sophisticated Threats and current cyber attacks.

Key Elements and Important Steps to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applied on 25 May 2018, this new law applies to all companies that collect and process data...

Radio Tech Used to Hack Everything From Airplanes to Defibrillators

Earlier this year an experienced team of researchers at Northeastern University's Khoury College of Computer Sciences in Boston proved that an airliner's complex radio-navigation...

A Perfect Way to Start and Strengthen Your Cyber Security Career

Breaking into a cybersecurity career is no different than any other career path or profession. In fact, in some ways, we’d even argue that...

Surprising Differences between TLS and SSL Protocol

TLS is simply a successor of SSL 3.0, TLS is a protocol which provides Data encryption and Integrity between communication channels. SSL...