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Hackers Launching Weaponized Word Document to Push Emotet & Qakbot Malware

A new malspam campaign pushes Emotet banking malware along with Qakbot as the follow-up malware. The Emotet is...
Emotet malware

Hackers Targeted Retailing Industry With Malware and Selling Stolen Data On Dark Web

Hackers deploy Emotet malware targeting retail trading industry to exfiltrate the bundles of data and to sell them on the dark web.
Emotet Malware

Hackers Drops New Emotet Malware to Perform Mass Email Exfiltration From Victims Email Client

Emotet Malware re-emerging to perform mass email exfiltration with a new form of infection capabilities to steal sensitive Email data directly from victims Email...
Emotet Malware

Hackers Delivering Emotet Malware Via Microsoft Office Documents

A new malware campaign that delivers Emotet Malware Via Microsoft Office documents attachments with "Greeting Card" as the document name. Attackers targeted the USA's Independence...


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