Emotet malware

Hackers deploy Emotet malware targeting retail trading industry to exfiltrate the bundles of data and to sell them on the dark web.

The Emotet malware is a highly sensitive banking malware which was originally found in 2014, it is capable of stealing financial credentials, usernames, passwords and email addresses.

Panda Trading Systems detected the malware activity in their routine analysis of client machines and the investigation is ongoing.

Flow of Emotet Malware Infection

The infection starts with the crafted phishing email that carries themed invoice or shipment attachments.

If the users open the document that contains the malicious attachment, then the malicious macro downloads the Emotet malware.

Emotet malware
CREDITS : US Department of Homeland Security

To maintain persistence the Emotet malware creates registry autostart keys and then it use to inject itself into the system running process.

Once the registry keys are added, it reports the infection to the command and control server and start receiving instructions from the attackers.

The Emotet malware includes components such as netpass.exe, outlook scraper, web browser pass view, mail pass view, and credential emulator which allows attackers to steal the passwords and financial credentials form browsers and emails.

PandaTS told Finance Magnates that the hackers have managed to infect hundreds of computers belonging to brokers and affiliate marketers. The Finance Magnates reached out to a number of retail brokers to see how widely the malware has spread.

According to Finance magnets, some of the retailers are unaffected and some retailers confirm the hackers has attempted with varying degrees of success, to steal data from them.

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