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FTCODE Ransomware

FTCODE Ransomware Attack Windows To Encrypt Files & Steals Stored Login Credentials From Browsers

Researchers discovered a new wave of FTCODE ransomware campaign that steal browsers login credentials and Encrypt files in Windows systems.

USCYBERCOM Warned that Hackers Exploiting Microsoft Outlook Security Vulnerability to Deliver Malware

USCYBERCOM published an alert that hackers were exploiting the CVE-2017-11774 Microsoft Outlook Security Vulnerability to deliver malware using an HTTPS domain.
Outlook for Android

Spoofing Vulnerability in Outlook for Android Let Hackers Perform Cross-site Scripting Attacks – Update...

Microsoft released a new security update with the fixes of Spoofing vulnerability affected an Outlook for Android that allows attackers to perform...

Microsoft Hacked – Hackers Compromised The Microsoft Employee’s Account to Gain Access the Customers...

Microsoft announced a data breach by unknown hackers who have compromised the Microsoft technical support agent's credentials and gain access to some...
Trickbot Malware

New Trickbot Malware Steal Password & Other Sensitive Data From Microsoft Outlook,Chrome,Firefox, IE, Edge

Trickbot Malware reemerging with new ticks and future to steal various sensitive information such as passwords, History, cookies from application & Browsers. New Trickbot arriving...


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