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What is a zoom call Transcription Software and Why Should You Use It?

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform. It enables users to virtually interact with large groups of people when in-person meetings aren’t possible. Due to the pandemic and the recent popularization of work-from-home (WFH) setups, Zoom has become an essential communication tool in the work environment, as well as in educational institutions of all levels.

Zoom can be used both through a desktop computer and a mobile application, and it allows users to set up their preferences so that they can meet via video or simply through audio conference. It also offers a variety of practical tools such as shared screening, meeting recordings and panel presentations. For these reasons, this platform has become an industry leader in contemporary workplace video communications.

What is a zoom call transcription software and how does it work?

A zoom call transcription software records and analyzes audio to convert spoken words into text. It allows users to automatically take notes during conference calls, ensuring that they remain present, productive and concentrated on their interactions. Transcripts can also be shared with co-workers, allowing for a more open and tangible mean of communication.

These types of transcription software are compatibles with Zoom as well as with other web conferencing platforms such as Webex, GoToMeetings and Google Meet. Their speech-to-text technologies allows for them to distinguish speakers. They are available in a variety of languages and work with all types of call, whether they are by phone, web-conference or auto-dialers.

How to transcript zoom meetings?

To effectively transcribe a Zoom meeting, only a few simple steps are necessary:

1. Enter the Zoom platform or mobile app.

2. On the Zoom screen, click the “Record” button. If you have trouble finding it, it should be under “More” in menu.

3. Once the meeting is over, save the recording. You simply need to go to the bottom of your screen and select “End Meeting.” You will be able to find the recording in “My Documents > Zoom.”

4. Access your transcription call software of choice and upload your recording.

After following these four easy steps, you will have a practical online transcript of your Zoom meeting. Some types of call transcription software will also allow you to connect directly to your company’s systems, so that you may record conferences automatically.

What are the advantages of zoom transcription services?

Zoom meetings have become a standard communication tool for a wide variety of businesses, especially those that rely on remote or semi-remote work.

However, many workers find it difficult to retain detailed information when its only made available to them through audio conferences. Using a zoom transcription service is the ideal solution for this issue.

Team members will be able to better focus on the issues being discussed in the conferences, and won’t loose their valuable time scribbling down notes mid conversation. It would also give them the time to make follow-up inquiries that elicit important details. A zoom call transcription software will also allow you to save relevant activity data automatically, such as meeting attendees, dates and conference duration.

Hiring a professional transcriptionist can be expensive, especially if you hold several sessions a week with different teams. Making the transcriptions yourself can be unpractical and it will prevent you from using your time for other, more beneficial pursuits. By delegating the task to a zoom call transcription software, you will save time, energy and resources.The transcripts can later be sent to the participants of the conference to ensure an effective and tangible communication between company workers. Additionally, they will provide you with a handy resource for those who were unable to join the meeting due to technical issues, such as poor internet connection.


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