Youtube Downloader – How to Download Videos from YouTube

Youtube Downloader helps to Download Youtube videos from one of the most popular video-sharing platforms available on the web today.

However, one of the biggest limitations of this platform is the lack of feature for downloading videos for offline use.

you can also use youtube downloader mp3, for specifically download MP3 videos, youtube downloader HD for specifically download HD videos with reducing the video resolution.

Fortunately, to overcome this issue, users can take advantage of a YouTube downloader known as BitDownloader.

It is a free online service that allows you to download videos from YouTube on any device, whether it be macOS, Windows, Android, or iOS. The best part is that it doesn’t require you to register an account or download software for it, the service is 100% online and free to use.

Saving and download YouTube videos is an essential feature that comes in handy when you are traveling and want to watch videos in offline mode.

It can also be used to take a backup of your YouTube channel, save videos for sharing, and more.

Apart from YouTube, BitDownloader supports more than 800 websites, which makes it one of the best video downloaders available on the web today.

It supports Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and many other platforms. The site also provides a nice and easy-to-use interface for downloading and saving your favorite videos.

Youtube Downloader – Steps to Download Youtube Videos

Follow the steps below to find out how to download YouTube videos with best Youtube Downloader online bitdownloader.

  • Step 1: go to YouTube and copy the link of the video which you wish to download.
  • Step 2: Open any browser and go to youtube downloader Free
  • Step 3: once the page loads, you’ll find a search bar where you can enter a video link. Paste the video’s link in here and click the Download button.
  • Step 4: BitDownloader now searches for all the available video resolutions and presents them to you. Right-click on the download button next to your resolution of choice and choose Save As / Download As.

The video will now begin to download. That’s all you have to do to download and save videos to your device for offline use.

In as simple as a few steps, you can save your favorite YouTube videos and watch them later without internet.

HD Youtube downloader online platform BitDownloader also provides a handy “bookmarklet” that allows you to download YouTube videos with the help of a browser bookmark and it is also best youtube downloader for Android.

You have to drag and place the bookmarklet on your web browser bookmarks tab, then click on it whenever you are watching a video on YouTube.

It will automatically take you to the download page on BitDownloader’s website.

While downloading the video you can even convert it to MP4 by taking youtube converter.

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