5 Reasons Why You Should Get a VPN for Gaming

Do you spend a lot of time playing games like Team Fortress, CS: GO, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege? Are you looking for ways to leverage better online privacy/security for playing these multiplayer games? Well, if that’s what you need; there is no better option than to invest in a reliable VPN service.

You see, a VPN will mask your original IP address, encrypt your connection, and pass all incoming/outgoing traffic through a secure tunnel. As such, it presents a myriad of benefits to users, particularly those who love gaming. To learn more about this, check out these 10 reasons on why you needa VPN for gaming:


1.      Play Games from Different Regions Worldwide

Many games equipped with the feature of playing in multiplayer mode have servers in different regions worldwide. However, they impose geoblocking to ensure users connect to servers in their specific region. This often happens when games are incredibly popular and need servers in multiple locations for handling all connections, or when the games haven’t yet released worldwide.

Therefore, if you reside in the US, and want to connect to a gaming server in Canada, you will be restricted from doing so. This is where VPNs come in handy, as you can simply shift your location in a few seconds. As such, if I want to access a gaming server in Canada, all I need to do is get a Canadian IP address from the VPN. This makes it seem, as if you reside in the country.

2.      Receive Strong Protection from Swatting Hoaxes

If you’ve been gaming for a long time, you probably have an idea about “stalker players”. These insecure gamers often lose their shit in multiplayer games and become so angry that they figure out ways to disrupt your gameplay, if they develop some kind of enmity with you.

If such a player manages to find your IP address, they could track down your location, stalk you offline, and even hack into your social media. In extreme cases, they may even indulge in the cheap act of a swatting hoax, where they send emergency services to another person’s home.

They do so by calling in a fake emergency situation, hostage situation, or bomb threat, all while sitting in another country or city.Occasionally, such pranks by disgruntled gamers result in deadly consequences, which is why gamers are required to cloak their identity online with a VPN.

3.      Prevent DDoS Attacks from Disgruntled Gamers

In addition to swatting hoaxes, some disgruntled gamers may even indulge in DDoS attacks for enmity against another player/competitor. This type of attack occurs when someone sends a ton of requests from compromised computers to a single system in an attempt to take it completely offline. Gamers that face such an attack are advised to immediately pull the plugs out their PCs or consoles.

However, as an additional precautionary measure, it is also recommended to invest in a reliable VPN solution. Since a VPN will mask your original IP address and change your location, the disgruntled gamer won’tbe able to trace you, or DDoS you in an attempt to stop playing. Since your connection won’t be visible, you can avoid being flooded with unnecessary data.

4.      Enjoy New Releases Earlier with a VPN Service

One of the best things about getting a VPN service is that gamers gain the ability of enjoying new releases earlier, if they are not coming to your location right away. In normal circumstances, this can be quite infuriating; waiting so long for a game to release only to realize it won’t be available in your country for a few more weeks or even months.

Since you can shift your location with a VPN service, you don’t have to worry about these restrictions. By simply connecting to a server where the game is available, you can play the game before it makes its way in your country. As such, you can avoid any irritating game spoilers!

5.      Bypass IP Bans and Even Play Banned Games

It may sound a little odd, but there are some countries like the UK, Germany, Australia, Venezuela, Brazil, and China that ban video games; either by content or game type. This can include games that contain realistic gore scenes, sexual misconduct, and promotion of hate speech, nudity, and violence.

By using a VPN you can simply connect to server where a particular game isn’t banned. As a result, you don’t have to worry about censorship issues ever again. At the same time, you can even avoid IP bans, if you have violated terms of service and other rules in the past.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of whether you are gaming on your smartphone, computer, or gaming console, getting a VPN can save you from some serious security hassles and pave the way for better experiences. Therefore, if you want to keep your information and data safe, don’t forget to subscribe to a reliable service.


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