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Beware of Fake CCleaner Search Results that Deliver Information-stealing Malware

The recently emerged ‘FakeCrack’ campaign has been disclosed by the researchers of Avast. The malware campaign tempts users into downloading fake cracked software.Researchers...
DarkGate Evolved Complete Toolkit

DarkGate Malware-as-a-Service Evolved as Complete Toolkit

DarkGate is a complete toolkit, first discovered in 2018, that provides attackers with extensive capabilities to access target systems completely.On underground cybercrime forums, an...
Fake GoDaddy Refund Invoices

Invicta Malware Delivered Through Fake GoDaddy Refund Invoices

The creator of this Invicta malware is heavily active on social networking sites, using them to advertise their information-stealing malware and its deadly...

Ex-Conti and FIN7 Hackers Team Up To Develop Domino Backdoor Malware

The X-Force team at IBM has recently found a new malware family known as "Domino," made by ITG14, aka FIN7, a notorious group of...

Hackers Hiding Malware Behind The PNG Images Using Steganography 

The Worok threat infects victims' computers with information-stealing malware by concealing malware within PNG images with the help of the Steganography technique, which makes...

BRATA – Banking Trojan With Advanced Information-stealing Capabilities

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and along with it, the threat actor behind the BRATA banking trojan has also improved the malware...

A New Version of SolarMarker Malware Steals Passwords and Credit Card Data

SolarMarker's latest version, which augments its capabilities, has been revealed recently by cybersecurity researchers PaloAlto Networks. While this new version of SolarMarker (aka Jupyter)...

Beware of the new WhatsApp Voice Message Phishing Campaign that Delivers Malware

Information-stealing malware has been on the rise since the start of 2022. Many malware campaigns were conducted and millions of people were attacked within...

TA551 Hacker Group Pushes New Information Stealer Malware IcedID

TA551 also known as Shathak is an email-based malware distribution campaign that frequently targets English-speaking victims. This campaign has aimed German, Italian and Japanese...

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