YouTube Converter – Convert YouTube to MP4 for Free

Everyone likes to download their favorite videos to their personal computer and keep watching them all the time with your devices. But in Youtube some videos not available for download, which makes you feel sad,...

Android vs iOS Development: Which Is the Best Choice for Your Custom App?

Have you come up with the next big mobile app? Ideas are a dime a dozen. It can be hard to take the next step, but you have to choose to move forward. So the question is: how...
Phone Tracker

What is a Phone Tracker and How to Use It

When you have teenagers or children who own smartphones, it’s advisable to install a phone tracker on their devices. This is essential because it’ll help you in monitoring their activities since there’re many inappropriate content and websites...

The True Cost of Overdraft Protection

Having overdraft protection for your account may be convenient, but it can have considerable consequences on your pocket. Consider this:the median overdraft fee charged in most retail banks is already $34. That means you might be paying...
PNG image

Critical Android Bug that Allows Attackers to Compromise your Android Device Using PNG Image

Google has patched a critical security vulnerability in a framework that can be triggered with a specially crafted PNG image. The vulnerability affects the Android devices ranging from Android 7.0 to Android 9.0. The...


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