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A Guide to Using uTorrent on macOS Catalina

Mac users used to love uTorrent for distributing large amounts of data. Contrary to popular belief, torrents are not only used for piracy. When you’re dealing with large files and you want to send them without consuming space on the cloud (which you’re supposed to pay for), uTorrent is a great option also best vpn for torrenting.

But there’s a problem. This is a 32-bit app, which is no longer supported on the latest macOS. Currently, there’s no uTorrent Catalina version. The official announcement by the developers doesn’t indicate that they are working on a 64-bit app. So what do we do about the issue of uTorrent not working on Mac? 

As always, there are options. The official uTorrent Mac recommendation is to use the web app. But if you want a uTorrent Catalina alternative, there are a few great ones to choose from. 

What to Do About uTorrent Not Working on Mac: Official Recommendation by uTorrent

It took years for BitTorrent to release their uTorrent Mac app. When uTorrent was launched in 2008, there were already a few torrent clients available. Due to that fact, uTorrent never gained an impressive market share in macOS, when compared to the authority it has among Windows users. 

This may be the reason why its developers didn’t bother much to upgrade and improve the uTorrent Mac app. It got stuck with its 32-bit version, which brought us to the problem: uTorrent not working on Mac with the latest operating system. Catalina only supports 64-bit architecture, so this app is out. 

What do the developers suggest if you want a uTorrent Catalina version? The uTorrent Web version works just fine! If you used the app on Mojave, you’ve already been automatically upgraded to the Web version. This is a browser extension, which works with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once you hit a magnet or torrent link, the download will automatically start in a browser window. 

If you’re willing to use the browser extension, uTorrent not working on Mac is no longer an issue. uTorrent will play torrents as they download, so that’s a cool feature to look forward to. It has no issues with Catalina whatsoever. 

There’s one issue, though: this extension will slow down your browser. When initiating uTorrent Mac download, it’s virtually impossible to browse through the web. The pages will be slow to load, and the download will substantially slow down, too. This is what makes users want an actual uTorrent Catalina app, which would leave their browsers light and free of bulk. 

Unfortunately, we’re not likely to see an official uTorrent Mac app soon. That’s why we should look at a few uTorrent alternatives. These are 64-bit apps that work perfectly on Catalina. They are effective for downloading and uploading torrents, so you won’t even notice you switched to a new torrent client. 

The Best uTorrent Alternatives for macOS Catalina

Using a standalone app for torrents is convenient from many aspects. This won’t crowd your browser, which is essential for working and online research. If you use your computer for work and download or upload torrents only occasionally, you don’t want an extension. You need an app that will stay idle until you start it up. 

Folx is one of the best uTorrent alternatives I found. It’s quite similar to uTorrent in what it does. It will quickly download and upload torrent files. In my personal experience, it’s much better than the uTorrent app that I used on macOS Mojave. That’s because the developers of Folx are dedicated to constant improvements and they actually work on this software. That wasn’t the case with uTorrent, which seemed stuck in time. 

There are a few of the features that Folx users appreciate:

  • You can search for torrents in the app

Isn’t it more convenient to find the torrent you need directly in the app instead of browsing through different sites to search for it? Folx has a great search features that scans through different torrent trackers. Instead of using your browser to find files, you’ll do everything through the app.

  • You can schedule a download

You found the torrent and you want the download to start after you finish your work? You can schedule the timing with this torrent client. It’s one of the best features supported by Folx PRO.

  • Adjust the speed

If you have a heavy file to download and you want to keep browsing while it’s in progress, you can break the process into up to 20 threads. Folx PRO allows you to manually adjust the speed of download, but you can also let the app do that for you.  

  • It Syncs with Apple Music

Unlike uTorrent, Folx was built for Macs and it offers full functionality with your computer. You can set it to automatically sync your media files with the Music app. 

  • It protects your privacy

Folx enables you to use proxy while downloading torrents. You’re still responsible to legitimately use the app, but if you want to stay anonymous, Folx is safer than the uTorrent browser extension. 

uTorrent Not Working on Mac? It’s Not That Big of a Deal

We got so used to uTorrent that we didn’t mind it was stuck back in time. The app worked on our Macs and that was all we needed. Since the macOS Catalina upgrade, 32-bit apps stay where they belong: in the history. uTorrent no longer working is not such a bad thing. Now we’re free to move onto more advanced app that get regular maintenance by their developers. 

If you want to continue using uTorrent, there’s an option: you can stay with the uTorrent Web version. 

Author Bio:
James Dorian is a technical copywriter. He is a tech geek who knows a lot about modern apps that will make your work more productive. James reads tons of online blogs on technology, business, and ways to become a real pro in our modern world of innovations.


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