Google Removed 145 Malicious Apps from Google Play Store that Carries Windows Malware

Google removed around 145 apps from the Google Play store that infected by Windows Malware which are not developed to infect the Android platform but for windows OS devices. Removed APK files are infected while developers are creating these apps...

Monitor Android/iOS Mobile Phones Remotely using Best Cell Phone Spy Softwares

Surveillance industries are getting bigger and monitoring is one of the essentials things to keep running a business in a smooth manner usingĀ Cell Phone Spy Softwares to eliminate the productivity loss by control the employee's activities and monitoring the...
Crypto-Currency Mining Apps

Google Officially Banned Crypto-Currency Mining Apps From Play Store

Google officially banned the Crypto-currency mining apps from Play Store and Google updated its privacy policies which say, "We don't allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices." Recently Apple banned the crypto-currency mining appsĀ in the iOS App Store and Mac...


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