Qealler – Heavily Obfuscated JAR-based Password Stealer Malware Delivered Through Invoice-related Files

A new highly obfuscated malware dubbed Qealler designed to steal sensitive information from the infected machine. The malware is written in java. The initial attack starts with social engineering technique, attackers send the victim...
Super Mario

Hackers Launching Gandcrab Ransomware via Super Mario Image Using Weaponized Excel Document

Cyber criminals now spreading a Gandcrab ransomware variant using Steganography Super Mario image via malicious Excel documents. Very recently a security researcher Matthew Rowen from Bromium encountered a spreadsheet that containing a...
Internet Explorer browser

Microsoft Advises Users to Stop Using Internet Explorer Browser

Microsoft stopped supporting Internet Explorer browser before years, but still, a number of legacy websites with older web apps still depends on Internet Explorer. Chris Jackson, Microsoft's calls "perils of using Internet Explorer as...
Linux coin miner

New Linux Coin Miner that Deletes Other Linux Malware and Coin Miners

A new Linux coin miner that is capable of deleting previously installed Linux malware, coin miners and services associated with that including the connection ports. Security researchers from TrendMicro observed the new coin miner...

Apple Released Security Update & Fixes for iOS FaceTime Zero-day Vulnerability

Apple Released an important security update for iOS, macOS and fixed a critical FaceTime Zero day vulnerability that affected iOS & macOS. A critical FaceTime Bug allows you to call anyone with Facetime...


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