Monday, July 15, 2024

Apple Removed VPN Services from the Russian AppStore

Apple has removed several prominent VPN service apps from the Russian division of the App Store.The affected apps include Proton VPN, Red Shield...
Europol Privacy Tech Lawful

Europol Concerns Over Privacy Enhancing Technologies Challenge Lawful Interception

A new position paper argues that Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) used in Home Routing are making it difficult for law enforcement to intercept information...

Egyptian Health Department Data Breach: 120,000 Users’ Data Exposed

The Egyptian Health Department (EHD) has reported a data breach affecting 121,995 individuals, including one resident of Maine.The breach, which occurred on December...

Orcinius Trojan Attacking Users Via Dropbox & Google Docs

 A newly identified multi-stage trojan, dubbed "Orcinius," has been reported to exploit popular cloud services Dropbox and Google Docs as part of its attack...

Roblox Data Breach: Email & IP address Details Exposed

Roblox, the globally renowned online gaming platform, has suffered a data breach.According to a tweet from cybersecurity expert H4ckManac, the breach has exposed...

Cloudflare Details Service Outage Following BGP Hijack

On June 27, 2024, Cloudflare experienced a disruption of its DNS resolver service.This several-hour incident was caused by a combination of BGP (Border...

Mekotio Banking Trojan Attacking American Users To Steal Financial Data

Active since 2015, Mekotio is a Latin American banking trojan specifically designed to target financial data in regions like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, and...
Kimsuky HappyDoor regsvr32

Kimusk’s HappyDoor Executed Via regsvr32 File To Evade Detection

Kimsuky, also known as the Velvet Chollima, Black Banshee, THALLIUM, or Emerald Sleet, is a North Korean state-sponsored advanced cyber espionage group that uses...

Hackers Compromised Ethereum’s Mailing List to Drain Their Crypto Funds

In a recent cyberattack, hackers successfully compromised Ethereum's mailing list, attempting to drain users' crypto funds through a sophisticated phishing campaign.The breach has...

Threat Actor Claiming 2FA Bypass Vulnerability in HackerOne Platform

A threat actor has claimed to have discovered a vulnerability that bypasses the two-factor authentication (2FA) on the HackerOne bug bounty platform.The claim...

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