FinSpy Malware Attacking iOS and Android Devices to Steal Personal Information

A powerful surveillance malware dubbed FinSpy spies on various mobile platforms that includes iOS, Android devices, and desktop platforms. The FinSpy malware...

Buhtrap Hackers Group Using Recently Patched Windows Zero-day Exploit to Attack Government Networks

An Infamous Cyberespionage group known as "Buhtrap" uses a Windows Zero-day exploit for its new campaign to attack businesses and perform targeted attack...
Zoom Web

Zoom Webcam Zero-Day Vulnerability Let Hackers Control 4+ Million Webcams Without Users Permission

A critical Zero-day vulnerability that affected Mac Zoom web client allows attackers to control nearly 4+ Million Webcams through the malicious website...
Marriott International

Marriott International Facing More than $120 Million Fine Under GDPR for 2018 Data Breach

Marriott International fined over £99 million ($123 Millon) under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for failure to protect customer data.

IBM Announced that they Acquired Red Hat for $34 Billion

IBM announced that they have closes its acquisition of Red Hat for $34 billion. The acquisition combines the power and flexibility of...


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