Simjacker Vulnerability

Simjacker Vulnerability – Attackers take Control Over Mobile Phones via an SMS Message

Security researchers disclosed a new attack dubbed Simjacker, that can be exploited by sending an SMS containing a specific type of spyware...
Instagram Data Leaking Bug

New Instagram Data Leaking Bug Let Hackers to Access Account Details and Phone Numbers

Facebook confirmed a new Instagram data-leaking bug that puts user data under risk. The vulnerability lets hackers access sensitive information such as...
Operation reWired

Operation reWired – 281 Email Scammers Arrested Worldwide for Attacking Hundreds of Business and...

The FBI and federal authorities announced that they have arrested 281 Email Scammers worldwide in a coordinated effort by law enforcement agencies....
79 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Fixes 79 Vulnerabilities Including Two Active Zero-Days Exploits and 4 Critical RDP Flaws

Microsoft released security updates for September that addresses 79 security vulnerabilities, out of the 17 are critical, 61 rated as important...
exploit for Bluekeep

Metasploit Released Public Exploit Module for BlueKeep RCE Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Protocol

Metasploit published a public exploit for BlueKeep, the exploit module targets 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.


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