Saturday, December 9, 2023
Zyxel Command Injection Flaws

Zyxel Command Injection Flaws Let Attackers Run OS Commands

Three Command injection vulnerabilities have been discovered in Zyxel NAS (Network Attached Storage) products, which could allow a threat actor to execute system commands...

North Korean Hackers Attacking macOS Using Weaponized Documents

Hackers often use weaponized documents to exploit vulnerabilities in software, which enables the execution of malicious code.All these documents contain malicious code or macros,...
Popular Websites weak passwords

Most Popular Websites Still Allow Users To Have Weak Passwords

The latest analysis shows that tens of millions of people are creating weak passwords on three of the four most popular websites in the...
Sixth Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability

Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability That Exploited In The Wild

Google has fixed the sixth Chrome zero-day bug that was exploited in the wild this year. The flaw, identified as CVE-2023-6345, is classified as an...

Iranian Mobile Banking Malware Steal Login Credentials & Steal OTP Codes

An Android malware campaign was previously discovered that distributed banking trojans targeting four major Iranian Banks: Bank Mellat, Bank Saderat, Resalat Bank, and Central...

BLUFFS: Six New Attacks that Break Secrecy of Bluetooth Sessions

Six novel Bluetooth attack methods have been discovered, which were named BLUFFS (Bluetooth Forward and Future Secrecy) attacks. These attacks could enable threat actors...

Google Workspace’s Design Flaw Allows Attacker Unauthorized Access

Recent years saw a surge in cloud tech adoption, highlighting the efficiency through tools like Google's Domain-Wide Delegation. It enables GCP (Google Cloud Platform) identities...

Serial ‘SIM Swapper’ Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

In a digital age marred by deceit, 25-year-old Amir Hossein Golshan stands as a testament to the dark underbelly of cyberspace. Hailing from downtown Los...
Hackers High-Profile Ransomware

Hackers Behind High-Profile Ransomware Attacks on 71 Countries Arrested

Hackers launched ransomware attacks to extort money from the following two entities by encrypting their data and demanding a ransom payment for its release:-IndividualsOrganizations  Here,...
Hackers Stolen Chip Designs

Chinese Hackers Spent 2+Years Looting Secrets in Dutch Semiconductor Company

For over two years, a hacker group linked to China had uninterrupted access to NXP, the Dutch chip manufacturer's computer network.They target chips to...

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