Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Hackers Use Windows XSS Flaw To Execute Arbitrary Command In MMC Console

Attackers are leveraging a new infection technique called GrimResource that exploits MSC files.By crafting malicious MSC files, they can achieve full code execution...

New Webkit Vulnerabilities Let Attackers Exploit PS4 And PS5 Playstations

Webkit vulnerabilities in PS4 and PS5 refer to bugs found in the Webkit engine used by their web browsers.These bugs, discovered in browsers...

Microsoft Power BI Vulnerability Let Attackers Access Organizations Sensitive Data

A vulnerability in Microsoft Power BI allows unauthorized users to access sensitive data underlying reports, which affects tens of thousands of organizations and grants...

Mailcow Mail Server Vulnerability Let Attackers Execute Remote Code

Two critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2024-31204 and CVE-2024-30270) affecting Mailcow versions before 2024-04 allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on the server.An attacker can exploit...

Sleepy Pickle Exploit Let Attackers Exploit ML Models And Attack End-Users

Hackers are targeting, attacking, and exploiting ML models. They want to hack into these systems to steal sensitive data, interrupt services, or manipulate outcomes...

Ivanti EPM SQL Injection Flaw Let Attackers Execute Remote Code

In May 24, 2024, Zero-Day Initiative released a security advisory for Ivanti EPM which was associated with SQL injection Remote code execution vulnerability.This vulnerability...

JetBrains Warns of GitHub Plugin that Exposes Access Tokens

A critical vulnerability (CVE-2024-37051) in the JetBrains GitHub plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs (2023.1 and later) exposed access tokens to malicious content within GitHub pull...
ALPHV Ransomware RDP ScreenConnect Deployment

ALPHV Ransomware Deployment Started With RDP Access And ScreenConnect Installations

Ransomware is used by hackers to abuse victims' data, locking it until a ransom is paid.This method of cyber attack is profitable as it...

How Hackers Using Packers To Hide Malware & Bypass Defenses

Hackers use packers maliciously to make their code difficult to recognize, as most antivirus programs are coded to be able to recognize these packers. The...

PoC Exploit Released For macOS Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

A new vulnerability has been discovered in macOS Sonoma that is associated with privilege escalation.This vulnerability has been assigned with CVE-2024-27842 and the...

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