Single Sign-on

What is Single Sign-on (SSO) ? – Solution to Ensure Your Company Data Security

Single Sign-on is a method of authentication process that helps to log in multiple application using single login credentials. Security is enhanced through Single Sign-on (SSO) in light of the fact that users are diminished of the various secret...
Conference Call Security

Conference Call Security Checklist – Best Practices in On-Call Security

When you’re hosting a conference call there’s usually a handful of things you’re worried about, the integral part in the Conference Call Security for example: “Can you see my screen?”“I’m getting lots of...

AI Can Help You Sleep Better But What about Security Concerns?

Have you ever wondered where that mid-afternoon crash comes from? Most of us experience it, and it makes for a miserable day when it hits. There’s a good chance that crash comes from you not getting enough rest.
Computer Forensics tools

Most Important Computer Forensics Tools for Hackers and Security Professionals

Computer Forensics tools are more often used by security industries to test the vulnerabilities in network and applications by collecting the evidence to find an indicator of compromise and take an appropriate mitigation Steps.

Malicious Payload Evasion Techniques with Advanced Exploitation Frameworks

Sophisticated threats are Evolving with much more advanced capabilities and giving more pain for analysis even evade the advanced security software such as Antivirus. This comparison is made by the payload ability to bypass the default security frameworks accessible on...


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