Iran Hacking Group Used Open Source Multi-platform PupyRAT to Attack Energy Sector Organization

PupyRAT is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android) is a remote administration and post-exploitation tool. It was written...
Cyber Threats and Trends

The Biggest Cyber Threats and Trends to Look Out For 2020

The Information Security Industry is on high alert because of constant cyber threats and trends than ever before in 2020.
Android non-removable Malware Infects System Process and Roots the Devices to Maintain Persistence

Non-removable Android Malware Infects System Process to Remove Pre-Installed Apps & Gain The...

Researchers observed a new variant of Android.Xiny malware with an improved self-defense mechanism. The malware targets only the older versions of the...

sLoad 2.0 -A PowerShell Based Malware Infecting Windows Systems With An Anti-Analysis Techniques –...

Researchers from Microsoft discovered a new version of PowerShell Based Malware sLoad 2.0 that using Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) for malicious...
16Shop Phishing Kit Distribution Network Expands to Attack PayPal Users and adds Antibot Module

16Shop – Malware-as-a-service Phishing Toolkit Attack PayPal Users With Anti-Detection Techniques

A prolific phishing kit distribution network dubbed "16Shop" believed to be active since 2018 and developed by a hacking group called the...


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