Remove Malware on Mac

Best way to Remove Malware on Mac, Including Other Unwanted Apps

Some Mac apps are so persistent that you can’t use traditional methods to remove them. Even if you do, there will always be some app remnants that clog up your system’s memory and resources. Programs like malware are case...

Most Difficult Security Challenges for CxO (Chief x Officers) During the Cyber Attack

New Technologies are evolving rapidly nowadays and cybercriminals also traveling, in the same way, to increase the cyber risk factor to the organization as well as individuals and the impact are keep increasing that give more pain and responsibilities...

Most of the ATM’s Around the World Can be Hacked Under 30 Minutes

Recent research revealed that most of the ATM's around the world are vulnerable to compromise and cash out from the ATM by attackers within 30 min. Cyber criminals are using various sophisticated methods including physical access and remote access by...
Call Recorder App

Call Recorder App on Google Play with Over 5,000 Installs Contains Hidden Malware Dropper

Malware hidden inside Simple Call Recorder app tricks user in downloading and installing an additional app. Security researcher Lukas Stefanko discovered the malicious Simple Call Recorder app that uploaded on Google Play on November 30, 2017, and the app has...
Linux machines

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Targets Linux Machines Uses Rootkit to Hide From Monitoring Tools

A new cryptocurrency mining malware bundled with rootkit components targets Linux machines to mine cryptocurrency and hides from monitoring tools. Security researchers from Trend Micro discovered the cryptocurrency mining malware’s dubbed KORKERDS affecting the Linux systems. Researchers believe the malware was...


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