Hackers Launching FlawedAmmyy Malware Via Undetected MS Excel Macros that Carried Powerful Backdoor

Threat actors from TA505 currently spreading powerful FlawedAmmyy RAT via weaponized MS Excel documents with malicious Excel 4.0 macro which is hard to detect by standard security controls. Observed FlawedAmmyy RAT sample is highly...
Chrome Zero-day

Hackers Exploit Google Chrome Zero-day using Weaponized PDF – If PDF Viewed in Chrome

Researchers discovered a new malicious PDF sample that has an ability to exploit the Google Chrome zero-day flaw when victims using Chrome as local PDF viewer. Attackers spreading this weaponized PDF intended to exploit...
Bangladesh Embassy

Hackers Compromised Bangladesh Embassy Website that Drops Weaponized Word Document with Malware

Threat actors compromised the Bangladesh embassy in Cairo website and taking control to drops the weaponized word documents that contains privilege escalation flaw exploit (CVE-2017-7255). Attackers are usually distributing various malware via malspam and...
First Malware Campaign

First Malware Campaign Exploits WinRAR ACE vulnerability To Hack Windows Computer

Researchers have detected the first malspam campaign that delivers a malicious RAR archive to infect victim's computer exploiting the WinRAR ACE vulnerability. The 19-year-old vulnerability was disclosed by checkpoint security researchers last week, the...
BabyShark malware

BabyShark Malware Delivered through Malicious Excel Macro Documents

Threat actors distributing Visual Basic based BabyShark malware that delivered through spear phishing emails. The emails sent from a public email address disguised to be from nuclear security expert in the U.S. Palo Alto...


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