Hackers Exploiting Oracle WebLogic zero-day With New Ransomware To Encrypt User Data

Hackers Exploiting Oracle WebLogic zero-day With New Ransomware To Encrypt User Data

Hackers exploiting the recently disclosed Oracle WebLogic Server remote code execution vulnerability to install a new variant of ransomware called "Sodinokibi." The vulnerability allows anyone with HTTP access to the server can carry out...

Hackers Exploiting SS7 Protocol & Inject ATM Malware to Attack Banks and Financial Sectors

The Banking and Financial sectors were hit with a constant stream of cyber attacks when compared to any of the other industries. 25.7 percent of all malware attacks last year focused on Banks and Financial Services Organizations.

Hackers Abusing Digitally Signed Emails to Launch JasperLoader Malware Via Weaponized Word Document

Security researchers tracked a new malware loader JasperLoader, which has been active for the last few months and distributed through digitally signed emails. The campaign primarily targets European countries, it employs a multi-stage infection...
Emotet malware

Emotet Malware’s New Evasion Technique Lets Hacked Device Used as Proxy command and control...

A new wave of Emotet malware using a special type of evasion technique to fool the security software and hide the POST-infection traffic and evade the detection. Also it initially uses the hacked devices...
MSI files

Hackers Abuse Windows Installer MSI to Execute Malicious JavaScript, VBScript, PowerShell Scripts to Drop...

Hackers use malicious MSI files that download and execute malicious files that could bypass traditional security solutions. The dropped malware is capable of initiating a system shutdown or targeting financial systems located in certain locations.


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