INPIVX Service Let Anyone to Develop Malware From Scratch

Cybercriminals posted a new service called Inpivx, which provides a management dashboard for its customers to manage and to develop the malware from scratch. The new straightforward service allows anyone with average computer skill...
educational games

ERMProtect Launches New Cybersecurity Education Games to Show How Employees Work Safely Online

ERMProtect Launches a new extensive list of animated chalkboard videos, digital games, cyber dictionaries, phishing tests and quizzes that allow employees to recognize the tactics followed by hackers. The educational games were launched to...

The Weather Channel Under Ransomware Attack – Site Went Offline for 90 Minutes

The weather channel hit with a ransomware attack on its own network stop's the live Broadcasting and down the website about 90 minutes On Thursday morning, from 6AM to 7:39AM. The Weather Channel (TWC) is...
WannaCry Hero

WannaCry Hero Marcus Hutchins(MalwareTech) Pleads Guilty to Developing a Banking Malware

WannaCry hero, Marcus Hutchins, pleads guilty for writing banking malware UPAS Kit and Kronos, prior to years he started his career as malware analyst. He is known for registering the killswitch domain in 2017...
samba servers

‘NamPoHyu Virus’ Ransomware Targets Samba Servers and Encrypt Files Remotely

New ransomware spotted NamPoHyu Virus or MegaLocker virus targeting the remote samba servers in a unique way. The common way of delivering ransomware is through email attachments or by compromising the victim's network and...


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