FTCODE Ransomware

FTCODE Ransomware Attack Windows To Encrypt Files & Steals Stored Login Credentials From Browsers

Researchers discovered a new wave of FTCODE ransomware campaign that steal browsers login credentials and Encrypt files in Windows systems.

New Version of DeathRansom Ransomware Aggressively Encrypts Network Drive Files After it’s Encryption Bug...

DeathRansom - A new ransomware strain that evolves from no encryption to using a combination of encryption algorithms to encrypt files.
Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard Computer Systems Infected by “Ryuk” Ransomware That Encrypts IT Network-Based...

U.S. Coast Guard discloses a ransomware attack on a Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulated facility by infamous “Ryuk” Ransomware.
Fight with Ransomware Attack

How to Fight with Ransomware Attack? Should You or Shouldn’t You Pay a...

Ransomware attacks are targeting educational institutions, hospitals, as well as local governments. The number of incidents has more than...

Hackers Using Remote Desktop Application To Install “Zeppelin” Ransomware & Encrypt Windows Files

Cybercriminals abusing a Remote Desktop application ConnectWise Control that previously known as (ScreenConnect) to deliver the Zeppelin Ransowmare (aka Vega) and encrypt...


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