Major U.S. Data Center Provider Hit by Ransomware Attack – CyrusOne

Major U.S. data center provider CyrusOne, hit by Sodinokibi ransomware, impacts six of their managed service customers. The Sodinokibi ransomware was first...

RIPlace – A new Evasion Technique Let Ransomware to Encrypt Files Undetected

RIPlace a new evasion technique that allows threat actors to encrypt files on Windows-based computers without being detected by anti-ransomware products.
Cyborg Ransomware

Fake Windows Updater Bypass Email Gateways To Launch Cyborg Ransomware On Windows PC

New malspam email campaign discovered with fake windows updater and its Builder, through which hackers launching Cyborg Ransomware to encrypt the compromised...
Get Ransomware Protection for the Holidays: Opt-in For Advanced Threat Protection With Reason Cybersecurity

Get Ransomware Protection For The Holidays: Reason Cybersecurity at 70% Off

Ransomware attacks are still something to be wary of these days. 2019 saw a resurgence in ransomware attacks and they're expected to grow even...
PureLocker Ransomware

PureLocker Ransomware Attack Enterprise Production Servers and Encrypt Files in Windows, Linux, & macOS

Researchers discovered a new PureLocker Ransomware that capable of encrypting files in Windows, Linux, and macOS. The ransomware used by threat actors...


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