Educational Technology

We all remember those days of the big-sized monitor, sitting right by a boxed CPU with its thick plastic keyboard attached to it. Long gone are those days.

Nowadays, the personal computer is not just some immobile system stationed in a place where users had to go sit to access.

Today’s PC has evolved, and the advancement of technology has influenced its design, which is now sleeker and easy to carry around. You no longer need to go to a specific place to access the computer. Right on the train or anywhere else, you can use your personal computer on the go.

Educational technology is the use of physical hardware, software, and educational theoretic to facilitate learning and improve performance through technological processes and resources.

This phenomenon has made studying and schooling a lot easier for students. For example, the Internet has made it convenient for students to acquire additional information using search engines. Students, regardless of their levels, can seek online services that help with research, including gathering information and writing essays. 

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This same educational technology can ascertain the integrity and genuineness of writing services and point out which is sub-par and cheating clients.

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Apart from its extensive use by writing services, educational technology has so much facilitated the world’s progress by improving and simplifying the process of learning. Below are the different aspects in which technology in education has changed.

Internet Usage

The purpose of the internet has changed so much since the ‘dot com’ era. During the old times, formal education could only be gotten within the walls of an institution. Registration, marking, grading, and issuing of certificates was done manually.

Without the physical interaction of students and teachers, some lectures couldn’t take place. Now, the internet has made all of these simple and, one might add, very fast.

Registration, marking, grading can all be done automatically, fill in your details, and click submit, viola! Your information would be processed instantly.

The most drastic change in education technology is the ability to take online courses. No need to ride a bus to school or sit in class – turn on your computer in your living room, connect to the internet, and start learning. Research can also be done effortlessly online without the need to scour through pages of textbooks in a school library.

Use of Hardware

Devices have not only gotten smaller and portable – they’ve also gotten smarter and faster. Education is more accessible these days because of the advent of smart devices. Laptops, iPads, tablets, mobile phones, all these didn’t exist in the past.

Now, projectors can help teachers explain better, coupled with the use of interactive whiteboards. Now, a whole class can have laptops and tablets connected to a network where information can be shared.

Educational Technology in Software

Software has facilitated education. Many software like Lumilo have proven to be valuable – through its use, teachers can now devote more time to less interactive and underperforming students, which enhances the capabilities of both parties, making education quite seamless. Plagiarism software has helped to determine the authenticity of papers.

Microsoft Office Suite software has made creating, organisation, and dissemination of information in the education system more straightforward and easier.

The advent of technology has so much simplified things and caused drastic changes in every aspect of life, including education. The typical pattern of getting schooled in the 1900s had students sitting in classrooms writing on papers as the teacher taught and wrote on the board.

Nowadays, classes have evolved beyond the school walls, as lectures are now taken online from the comfort of your home.

Teaching and writing can now be done without using a single sheet of paper as tutors now use interactive whiteboards. With the significant influence of technology on the advancement of education, the term ‘educational technology’ is born.

Technology has transformed the world in every aspect, facilitating and making life simpler. Scientists say we are only scratching the surface as more innovations are yet to be seen, which will only further advance world progress.

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