How to Send A Fax From Gmail

Google’s Gmail gives millions of people around the world to send and receive emails. Gmail is popular among individuals and corporates that rely on Google web services. 

Although Google doesn’t provide faxing, there is still a way to send a fax from Gmail. Thanks to online fax services, you can now send a fax from Gmail. Its popularity makes Gmail an easy way to use for online faxing. online fax services make it easy for anyone to send about any fax document through Gmail. The process is very easy since it resembles sending an email from your Gmail account. 

Choose an online fax service provider – We recommend CocoFax


CocoFax is a secure online faxing provider. Also, you can easily send a fax from Gmail using CocoFax. Although the best services require a subscription, CocoFax gives a 30-day free trial period. CocoFax, you receive a free fax number that allows you to send and receive faxes online. What’s more, you get to choose your custom fax number free of charge. 

CocoFax keeps things simpler it’s no wonder has been featured in media outlets such as Forbes. If CocoFax ticks the right boxes for you, try it out here. CocoFax supports both smartphone and computer platforms. 

Merging Gmail and CocoFax

Now that you’ve chosen CocoFax, you’re almost ready to start faxing. During sign up, make sure you use your preferred Gmail address you want for faxing. In the process, CocoFax will let you choose your custom fax number., you will get a free 30-day trial period. Signing up for the service using your Gmail account links it CocoFax and associated fax number. Thankfully the process is easy for anyone who uses Gmail to send emails.

You will be able to send fax essentially the same way you send an email. However, there is one main difference: 

  • Rather than using the recipient email address, you need to provide their fax number followed by 

The step by step process

Step 1: After signing up for the service, log in to your Gmail account. Click the ‘Compose’ button to compose a new email. A new pop-up window will appear for you to start drafting your fax. 

Step 2: Providing the recipient information. Fill in the ‘To’ field with the recipient fax number instead of their email address. Since Gmail doesn’t support faxing, here is where CocoFax comes in.

So, add to the fax number. For example, if the recipient fax number is 12345 then the recipient fax number should be [email protected] 

CocoFax will receive your email and convert it into fax then send it to the recipient. The process occurs in an instant. 

Step 3: To add a note to the fax, fill in the ‘Subject’ field. The note will appear at the top of the fax. Also, you can add content in the body section of the email if you want a cover page for your fax. 

Also, you can attach files such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, .png and .jpg. Click the paperclip attachment icon and navigate to where you’ve stored your document. 

Step 4: Proofread your fax before hitting the send button. Ensure you have entered the correct information. Once you are satisfied with the content in your fax, click the ‘Send’ button. 

CocoFax will receive your email and converts it into fax before sending it to the recipient. After a few minutes, you will receive an email notification. The fax was sent successfully, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Why choose CocoFax

There are multiple reasons you should use CocoFax. Below are some of them:

Fast and secure 

With CocoFax no longer have to wait to send a fax since it allows you to instantly send faxes online. To secure your faxes, CocoFax encrypts all your faxes and uses the latest security protocols. 

Reliable notifications

With CocoFax, you receive notifications for both sent and received faxes. So, you will always know when you have unread faxes through its push notifications. Also, you will know the status of your sent faxes.

Although Gmail doesn’t provide a direct way of sending faxes directly from Gmail, you can still do so. Thanks to online fax services like CocoFax, you can now send a fax from your Gmail account. 

The process is a simple one. To give CocoFax a try, follow the steps outlined above. 


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