Instagram Security Checkup

Instagram launches a new feature called ‘Security Checkup’ to facilitate users whose accounts have been hacked. This feature adds an extra layer of protection to accounts that have been previously compromised.

The Security Checkup feature will help users to recover their hacked accounts. It can include checking login activity, reviewing profile information, confirming the accounts that share login information, and updating account recovery contact information like phone number, and/or email address.

Steps to Make the Account More Secure

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram recommends enabling two-factor authentication. Enable two-factor using your phone number, or an authenticator app like Duo Mobile or Google Authentication.

In the coming weeks, it will be possible to protect your account using your WhatsApp number in certain countries, says the company.

Update your Phone Number and Email

Ensure that the email and phone numbers linked with your device are up to date. If something happens, the company may reach out to you.

These steps let you recover your account even if your info has been changed by a hacker.

Instagram will never send you a Direct Messages

There’s a rise in the number of malicious accounts sending direct messages (DMs) to users to try and access sensitive information like passwords, the company said.

“They may tell you that your account is at risk of being banned, that you are violating our policies around intellectual property, or that your photos are being shared elsewhere. These messages are often scams and violate our policies. Instagram will never send you a DM”, Instagram explains.

The company mentions that all official and authentic communication from the company will be done through the “Emails from Instagram” tab in settings and not via DMs. Users have been advised to not engage with anyone pretending to be from Instagram in personal messages.

Report Content and Accounts you find Questionable

Instagram says users can report individual pieces of content to us by tapping the three dots above a post, holding on to a message, or by visiting an account and reporting directly from the profile.

Enable Login Request

After setting up two-factor authentication on Instagram users receive an alert whenever someone tries to log in to the account from a device or web browser that is not recognized. These alerts will let you know which device tried logging in and where it’s located.

Therefore, over the past few months, the company has seen a rise in accounts being hacked.

Accounts that imitate others, use their verification status to hack and target people or generally conduct spammy behavior with the hopes of misleading people.

Instagram ensures that it constantly improving technology to stop this behavior.

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