Massive data breach in WWE network, a database containing over 3 million users record exposed due to the vulnerability of the database hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Scientist Bob Dyachenko, from security organization Kromtech, disclosed to Forbes that he had revealed a database that contained a large number of clients information, including their home and email addresses, birth dates, educational background, ethnicity, profit, youngsters’ age extents, and genders.

Dyachenko noticed that any individual who knew which web address to pursuit could
get to the spilled database records stored in plain content, on an Amazon Web
Services S3 server without a username or password insurance.

Still, it’s misty what branch of the WWE Corporation the database originated from, however, Dyachenko associates it had a place with one with its many promoting groups, given it was joined by reams of online networking following information, including posts from superstars and fans.

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WWE doesn’t get any credit card information from users and also the password information was not included in the leak, so, therefore, users are not at a major risk.

From their statement, WWE is investigating a vulnerability of a database housed
on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has now been secured.WWE utilizes leading
cybersecurity firms Smartronix and Praetorian to manage data infrastructure and
cybersecurity. We are currently working with Amazon Web Services, Smartronix
and Praetorian to ensure the ongoing security of our customer information.

Largest data breaches occur in recent months in Amazon web service including the one from including American voters system data Leak, which exposed more than 198 million American Voters personal information.

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