Firefox Fixed More than 25 High Critical Vulnerabilities in Firefox 54.0

Firefox has between 9% and 16% of worldwide usage as a “desktop” browser and 2nd Most Popular Web Browser in the Globe. The latest version of the “Firefox 54.0” Released with 32 Patched Critical and High  Critical Vulnerabilities and some of the Vulnerabilities Leads to Crash the Browser.

This vulnerability was Reported by Many individual Security Researchers and some of the Vulnerabilities Discovered by Mozilla developers and community.

Firefox 54.0

Mozilla is calling Firefox 54.0 “the best Firefox ever,” since new version Release with Futures of multiple content processes, a UI process, and a GPU acceleration process.

This New version contains  multiple content processes will improve stability and performance (one bad tab won’t slow down the rest of your computer)

  • New futures added including, Simplified the download button and download status panel and Added support for multiple content processes.
  • New Version changes, Moved the mobile bookmarks folder to the main bookmarks menu for easier access

To Run even complex sites faster, Mozilla changed multiples Operating system Processing.

The old Firefox used a single process to run all the tabs in a browser. Modern browsers split the load into several independent processes. 

Resulted in a crash Browser

These Vulnerabilities lead to Crash the Entire Browser.


A Frame loader Vulnerabilities has leads to Crash the Browser while regenerating CSS layout when access nonexisting Tree Node.


A use-after-free vulnerability when using an incorrect URL during the reloading of a docshell. This results in a potentially exploitable crash.


This Vulnerability also leads to Crash, During Video Control Operation old window Referred by <Track> element when old window replaced by Document object model.


A use-after-free vulnerability with content viewer-listeners that results in a potentially exploitable crash.


logging errors from headers for XML HTTP Requests (XHR). This could result in a potentially exploitable crash.


IndexedDB when one of its objects is destroyed in memory while a method on it is still being executed.

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Privilege Escalation 

These are critical privilege escalation vulnerabilities that have been fixed by Mozilla.


This Vulnerability indicates manipulation of files in the installation directory and privilege escalation by manipulating the Mozilla Maintenance Service. This Vulnerability affected only Windows OS since this need local privilege to access.


This High critical vulnerability leads to deleted the files and escalates the privilege using helper.exe Mozilla maintenance service.


An attack using manipulation of updater.ini contents, used by the Mozilla Windows Updater, and privilege escalation through the Mozilla Maintenance Service to allow for arbitrary file execution


To overwrite arbitrary files with junk data using the Mozilla Windows Updater using  Maintenance invoked by an unprivileged user which only affected by Windows user.


Maintenance Service executes with privileged access, bypassing system protections against unprivileged by the user to read 32 bytes of any arbitrary file on the local system by convincing the service that it is reading a status file provided by the Mozilla Windows Updater.

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All the fixed  Vulnerabilities are Explained in Firefox Blog

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