SolarWinds Actors Hacked 27 State Attorneys’ Offices in the U.S.

The Justice Department has claimed recently, that the threat actors behind SolarWinds cyberattack have managed to hack 27 state attorneys’ offices in the U.S. and gained access to the email accounts of their employees.

The Justice Department has acknowledged that at least 80% of employees of the department who were using Microsoft 365 accounts were compromised in this fresh cyber attack event.

And all these 80% employees mainly belong to the offices located in the:-

  • Eastern Districts of New York
  • Northern Districts of New York
  • Southern Districts of New York
  • Western Districts of New York

However, the Office of the Chief Information Officer identified the malicious activity and immediately terminated the method employed by the hackers to gain access to the data of the employees of the department.


Even, the department also notified the federal agencies, Congress, and the public as warranted according to the FISMA protocol.

Moreover, to reinforce homeland flexibility and make more transparency the Justice Department has also provided additional details about the SolarWinds cyberattack that took place in December 2020.

Compromised State Attorney Offices

Here we have mentioned the full list of compromised state attorney offices below:-

  1. Central District of California
  2. Northern District of California
  3. District of Columbia
  4. Northern District of Florida
  5. Middle District of Florida
  6. Southern District of Florida
  7. Northern District of Georgia
  8. District of Kansas
  9. District of Maryland
  10. District of Montana
  11. District of Nevada
  12. District of New Jersey
  13. Eastern District of New York
  14. Northern District of New York
  15. Southern District of New York
  16. Western District of New York
  17. Eastern District of North Carolina
  18. Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  19. Middle District of Pennsylvania
  20. Western District of Pennsylvania
  21. Northern District of Texas
  22. Southern District of Texas
  23. Western District of Texas
  24. District of Vermont
  25. Eastern District of Virginia
  26. Western District of Virginia
  27. Western District of Washington

While the employees whose accounts were breached in this cyber attack are guided by the U.S. Attorneys’ Executive Office. 

Apart from this, the security experts have asserted that the threat actors have used other methods along with the SolarWinds breach method to hack the U.S. federal government’s 9 agencies and other 100 private companies.

During that time frame, the security analysts identified that the hacked data includes the following things:-

  • All sent emails
  • All received emails
  • All stored emails
  • All email attachments

However, the Justice Department has acknowledged that they are continuing their investigation, and will continue to provide all the necessary guides and mitigations to evade and block such security breaches.

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BALAJI is a Former Security Researcher (Threat Research Labs) at Comodo Cybersecurity. Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.


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