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Top 10 Best Laptops for College Students – 2019

Best Laptop are always provide you an good working environment. Meeting school expenses these days is becoming a hell. You’re required to purchase books, pay for tuition, hostel, food, transport not forgetting fees. However, you can save cash by buying the best laptop for college students.  

Are you wondering how to get money to buy a new laptop to help you complete your assignments in time? You don’t have to buy one with the best processor or graphics cards, neither is it a must to have Windows 10 installed. We won’t give you an answer to such question as “Where can I hire someone to write my thesis?” but we can give you a piece of advice on what device to use to compose perfect papers yourself.

What’s more? The list of excellent devices and the practical tips we have chosen will save you lots of cash. For example, you won’t need to purchase hard copy textbooks or writing materials such as exercise books, pens, rubbers, and pencils.

Why? You can download them for free, or a friend will send you the copy online if you have a laptop in your disposal. Not forgetting, the classy feeling that accompanies this beautiful machine. Below you can find information about some ideal laptops for sale you can choose from.       

1.Huawei Matebook 13

Image result for Huawei Matebook 13

It’s one of the best laptops in the market today. Although the price is a bit low, the manufacturer has not compromised the quality and performance of the machine. Besides, it’s lightweight, and fast, which means it can easily be carried in your backpack. This 13-inch elegant laptop has a high speed and completes any operation within the shortest time possible. However, it has a low-capacity battery, but that’s not a major problem because you can carry its charger wherever you go.

2.Huawei Matebook X Pro

It is a powerful and quite advanced machine, which features all the specifications you’d need in an ideal device. It’s affordable and quite good looking which is why you’ll give it a try, and features modern and advanced components. Even with these high qualities, this powerful machine is still cheap and affordable. In addition, it has high speed and its performance is excellent.

3. Del XPS 13

Image result for Dell XPS 13

It’s a beautiful machine, which is portable and of high performance. What’s best about it, is that it has an entry-level choice and is affordable. It has a webcam fixed and displayed at the top. It’s a great choice if you are searching for a laptop to carry daily.

4. Surface Laptop 2


This laptop has a high speed and is not limited to Windows 10 only; you can install any operating system you prefer. This Surface-laptop 2 is modernized although the ports are yet to be fixed, and its strong battery can retain power for long. It’s of high performance and helps complete work in time, which are the main features for student’s device.

5. Microsoft Surface Go

Image result for Microsoft Surface Go

This Microsoft Surface Go is a beautiful, cheap and affordable laptop. It’s also a lightweight machine that has a high speed. Its performance is great, however, it has a low power component, though that’s not a big issue because the manufacturers have engineered it as 2-in-1device that will help you complete work in time.

6. Del XPS 15

Image result for Dell XPS 15

This machine has a large horsepower to ensure that you complete whatever work you’ve got in time and without adding a cent. Its performance and speed are perfect which make this device very reliable.

The entry levels may not be great for everybody but it has options of configuring it to a RAM of 32 GB and a CPU of core i9. However, the webcam doesn’t move. So, if you have a tight budget, but need a laptop, you can try this apparatus.

7. Microsoft Surface Pro 6


This machine is both a laptop and a tablet at the same time. Need best buy laptops? This works out perfectly. It has high-capacity battery life and a great touch screen among many other features that make it your most ideal machine. You don’t have to carry a charger wherever you go because it can retain power for a long time. Another best feature about this laptop is that it’s a Windows 10 tablet.  In other words, this speedy device can be easily turned to a laptop. In addition, it is cheap as compared to its advanced features.

8 Lenovo Flex 6 14


This machine is powerful and provides awesome performance. It is cheap compared to its high quality and excellent features. It does a lot of work for long hours and still remains as powerful as before. This strong machine is very cheap and affordable even to a person on a low budget. It has a strong battery so you won’t have to carry a charger with you all the time.

9 Apple MacBook Air (2018)

Image result for apple macbook air (2018)

The brand speaks louder than words – this is a modern age machine. It has well advanced feature and high-speed together with sleek design. It also features a fanless processor, a retina display and it’s lighter and a little bit thinner as compared to its previous models. If you want to stay on trend, MacBook Air will be definitely a perfect match for you!

10. Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (2018)

Image result for apple macbook pro 15-inch (2018)

This is an elegant machine that makes one feel classy when using it in public. It’s a powerful laptop and has butterfly keyboard that’s unlikely to be affected by dust. The keyboard is silent and therefore less distractive to those around you when working.  Its performance is excellent. It has a 32 GB memory which is perfect for any student; and a strong battery so you don’t need to carry a charger always. It’s a bit expensive for those on a low budget. However, compared to its advanced features you may find it excellent and affordable.

Armed with this information, you’re unlikely to go for an old clunker even when your money speaks otherwise. With such a plethora of affordable machines which may ensure that you complete your work timely and at the same time save some cash.

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