Top 5 Penetration Testing

Before you start reading this topic, you need to know what are penetration tests all about? This is also known as pen test which typically involves a team of professionals that penetrates your company’s server, and to identify the exploitable vulnerabilities.

Every company must update the penetration testing standard and methods to secure their system and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Here you will get five Penetration Testing Techniques and methodologies to get your return and investment.


This framework is one of the best things and is recognized by the industry standard, and it provides the scientific methodology for testing the vulnerability assessment. It contains a comprehensive guide for the tester to identify the security within the network. It relies on the tester’s in-depth knowledge and intelligence to interpret the vulnerabilities, which impact the network.

Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual allows users to customize their assessment, perfect for their specific needs or another technology context. The standard user needs to obtain the correct overview of the network’s cybersecurity. This is a reliable solution that includes technological context to help the stakeholder make the right decision to secure the network.



Open Web Application Security Project in Penetration Testing Techniques has its place in the industry. This is powered by a well-versed community, and this is the latest technology that helped the countless organization with vulnerabilities.

This is one type of penetration testing commonly found in web and mobile applications. But it has logical flaws from the unsafe development. This provides comprehensive guidelines for penetration testing methods with more than 66 controls which allow testers to identify the vulnerability.

Due to this methodology, organizations are better equipped and secure with their application. These will not make the common mistakes that can make a critical impact on their business. Organizations also look to develop the new web, in which users should consider incorporating these standards to avoid common security flaws.


Like other Penetration Testing Techniques, the National Institute of Standards and Technology provides the manual which is best to improve the organization’s overall Cybersecurity. In most recent version 1.1, it has placed more emphasis on the Infrastructure of Cybersecurity. By complying with the NIST framework, various American providers get their regulatory requirements.

NIST always provides guaranteed information, which includes banking, energy, communication, and much more. Small and large firms are also not behind to meet their standards and specific requirements. Sometimes to meet the standards NIST set the company’s platform for penetration test into their application which follows the per-establishment of their guidelines. As per the American information tech security standard, ensure that the company fulfills their cybersecurity control to reduce the mitigating risk, assessment obligation, cyberattack, and much more.


PTES is also well-known as a Penetration Testing Methodologies and standards. This highlights the most recommended approach for the penetration test structure. This works as a standard guide tester for the different tests includes initial communication. Threat modeling phases gather information, and much more.

When you follow the penetration testing standard, the tester is acquainted with the organization. If users see the technological context they need to focus on exploiting the potentially vulnerable areas identifying the advanced scenario of attack. Their testers are also available where the user will get a guideline to perform the post-exploitation test. If it’s required, they will allow validating the vulnerabilities which have been successfully fixed. There is a total of seven-phase for a successful penetration test, and it also offers the practical recommendation to the management team to whom the user can rely on.


Information System Security Assessment Framework is even more structured and a unique approach for penetration testing as per the previous standard. When the user gets a unique situation with advanced methodology that becomes the manual and it becomes a specialist to charge for your penetration test.

There are few sets of standards available which enable the tester to do the detailed plan for the documentation where every step will go under penetration testing procedure. This is a standard cater that has steps for this process. The pen tester uses the combination of separate tools that find the ISSAF in very crucial way to tie the step through a particular tool.

Here users will also get the assessment section that is even more detailed where governs takes care of the considerable part. In every vulnerable area, ISSAF offers complementary information. In this, there are different types of attacks happens which result in vulnerability exploited.

There are few instances where the tester will find the information that the real attacker uses that as a targeted area. This information proves that the plan is carried out in advance with attack scenario which guarantees the great return, and the company will get their security from the cyberattack.


This type of threat and hacking technology always continues for various industry and companies need to improve their cybersecurity to ensure their safety. The company has to be up to date in the cybersecurity framework, and they need to follow a few standard and methodologies to provide an excellent benchmark with the specific context. Indusface’s security experts are up to date on the latest industry trends and test thousands of applications across diverse platforms to identify vulnerabilities that others cannot. Reach out to our experts today to test your website/web application for security flaws. We hope the above Penetration Testing Techniques are helpful for you


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