Typeform Suffers Data Breach, hackers gained access to the company servers and downloaded users personal information. Typeform is a Barcelona-based company that specializes in building online forms, quizzes, and surveys.

The hack attack happened on June 27, 2018, attacker managed to download a backup file that contains customer sensitive data. The company managed to find the root cause of the issue and fixed the vulnerability in 30 minutes.

What Data Stolen?

According to the company statement “hackers accessed data from the partial backup dated May 3rd, 2018, data collected from May 3rd, 2018 are safe.

If you are a victim of the data breach, then you will be notified with an email from Typeform recommending users to check out for potential phishing scams, or spam emails. If you don’t get an email from Typeform than you are safe.

According to Monzo, the Stolen data contains personal data of about 20,000 User’s that includes the following details.


What data not affected?

Payment info, password and the data collected since May 3rd are safe. “performing a full forensic investigation of the incident to be certain that this cannot happen again.” reads the company statement.

Typeform published a traditional statement “we’ve identified the vulnerability and implemented measures to prevent this type of attack.”

Third data breach in a row following the data breaches of Adidas, Exactis, and Ticketmaster.

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