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7 Email Marketing Growth Hacks to Increase Your ROI

The premise behind every venture is growth. All businesses look for different strategies to ensure that growth is constant and persistent. In the world of email marketing, growth can come in different ways. In order to be able to grow, however, marketers need to be aware of the exact kind of paths they should take in order to grow.

A lot of marketers tend to stagnate at some point over the course of the venture. Such stagnation can bring despair and pessimism. In order to continue growing, you need some working hacks. The following are some of the best email marketing growth hacks you can use.

1. Make Email Re-targeting a Priority

One of the best things you can do when you are concerned about the growth of your marketing business is to ensure that you have incorporated re-targeting. Email targeting makes use of all the available data to guide you on what you should do to keep your customers engaged. Targeting is possible today because of the data which is much easier to acquire. In order to use email targeting, you need to track your subscribers and get the kind of preferences they have. After that, you should ensure that every email you are sending to them is specific to what they are looking for. Doing this will ensure optimum growth for your marketing campaigns.

2. Use Automation

In addition to targeting, automation is also a key factor to consider when optimizing growth. The current technology has made it possible for marketers to automate various aspects of the marketing process. Personal messages should particularly be automated because they present the best means of getting the right kind of interaction with customers by sending emails.

Personal messages should particularly be automated because they present the best means of getting the right kind of interaction with customers by sending emails.

For example, you can use a traditional ESP or one email delivery service. Alternatively, the automation may become more tech-savvy, and you can utilize Swift Mailer for sending emails via an external SMTP server.

There are many areas where you can use automation in the email marketing process. Most marketers prefer using automation to welcome new customers, send promotions to customers and to follow up on regular customers. Automation is the best way to reduce costs in the business while also keeping customers satisfied.

3. Incorporate Buttons in Your Emails

A key feature that most seasoned marketers use is the button. Buttons are interactive graphical components of the email that make the user enthused about checking out your products. The many email building programs available today come with the option of including buttons in your emails. A good postcards email template builder will also give you the right tools you need to ensure that everything else is up to par. As to the kind of information that should be contained on your buttons, it is entirely up to you. Some marketers finish the final part of their call to action with a button. For others, a button represents the best way to ask for feedback from their customers. Whatever you deem fit, be sure to include buttons in your emails.

4. Make Your Emails Good Enough to Share

Another key issue you should focus on when looking for growth is crafting emails that are shareable. Shareable emails are well-crafted emails that simply prompt the reader to forward them to friends even without you asking them to do so. As a marketer, you cannot rely on your individual effort to achieve sufficient growth. Sometimes, you have to make your customers allies in the quest to expand the business. Shareable emails are emails that not only contain sharing links but also have the right kind of content. Good content attracts a lot of people, especially on social media platforms. In any given day, all kinds of content are shared between friends via social platforms and social apps. A good email that carefully and wit-fully addresses a particular topic can just be the right catalyst to achieve your growth goals.

5. Collect as Many Emails as You Can From all Sources

Another issue you should consider when looking to grow is growing your email collection. Whether you are just starting to expand or you simply want to move beyond your current level, a good means of moving quickly is by adding new emails to your list. You can collect emails from virtually anywhere and using any means. A lot of marketers simply rely on their sign up forms to collect emails from blog visitors. You should not limit yourself to this method though. You can collect emails from social media platforms, forums, and many other places. A platform like Twitter is perfect for collecting emails. With the Lead Generation Card on this platform, you can boost your email collection program massively.

6. Use HTML to Your Advantage

HTML is a powerful tool that was developed on the early days of the internet. This web language has a lot of uses even in the modern days. As a marketer, there are many ways you can use the language to your advantage. One of the most effective ways of using HTML is by incorporating tools that are otherwise used on websites on the emails. Rating buttons, forms, tables, and other such tools can be incorporated in the email using HTML. Ultimately, HTML should enable you to achieve maximum engagement with your customers. By being creative with the tools that HTML gives you, you can be able to come up with emails are uncommon and an instant hit with your audience.

7. Be Persistent

Persistence is also an important aspect of achieving growth. There is no strategy that is complete without mentioning the importance of persistence in the work. Growth only comes after you have committed yourself to ensure that all the strategies that you have designed have a timeline. The timeline helps you to be disciplined. When you cover new ground each new day, the only result can be growth in the long run. Marketing, like all other ventures, requires you to have trust in the process and go through every step without making compromises.

In conclusion, growth is definitely possible in the marketing world. There are a number of issues you can consider when you want to achieve growth. The above hacks are some of the best you can implement today and see yourself achieving growth after a period of time. The most important thing to consider when aiming for growth is putting in the necessary work and being persistent.


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