Anonymous Group Hacked Russian Oil Pipeline

Cyberattacks on Russia have been on the rise since their invasion of Ukraine. On February 25th, the Anonymous group posted on Twitter, “The Anonymous Collective is officially in cyberwar against the Russian government”. Anonymous has been infiltrating several Russian organizations ever since.

Most of the businesses were Russian-state backed. Several hackers from around the world have been involved in cyber warfare against Russia. One the oil company Rosneft have been recently hit with a cyber attack. Following this, the Russian state-controlled oil pipeline giant, Transneft, is now hit. 

Distributed Denial of Secrets is one of the underground hosting websites in which many hackers publish their data leaks. On Thursday, Anonymous posted a link that contained nearly 79 GB of emails from Omega, the Research and Development division of Transneft. 

Transneft is considered to be the largest pipeline company in the world. Since it was a state-owned Enterprise of Russia, investments from the US market were blocked following the Russian invasion. Omega was the R&D of Transneft which was manufacturing high-tech instruments for temperature monitoring and leak detection systems.

The link contained email addresses of employees, invoices, shipping details, and other images about server rack and system configurations. The last timestamp on emails was dated March 15th, 2022 which was just a few days before the data leak.

Following this, Anonymous dedicated this hack to Hilary Clinton. It is assumed that the hackers dedicated this to Hilary Clinton in accordance with her interview with MSNBC. She said, “People who love freedom, and understand that our way of life depends on supporting those who believe in freedom as well, could be engaged in cyber support of those in the streets in Russia”.

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