Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) – What are the best accessories to use?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is the very successful and popular remake of the original COD: Modern Warfare game. It features most of the same content, such as the campaign. While the campaign pretty much follows the same storyline as the original, it has some minor differences as well as lots of extra content that answers some questions that weren’t answered in the original. 

But the campaign isn’t the only great similarity between the original and this faithful remake. That’s because the remake also features an amazing multiplayer mode that revives the intensity and competitiveness the original Modern Warfare was so famed for. The multiplayer in Modern Warfare definitely isn’t something easy to get the hang of. While it is like most other COD games before it, Modern Warfare’s multiplayer is definitely one of the most intense yet. 

Every single match of every single mode is going to be difficult, as you’ll only be matched with great players of your own level or even higher. These players will certainly be causing problems for you, and this is the case for just about anyone that plays the game. In short, the competition is almost as tough as it possibly gets in COD: Modern Warfare. That’s why you need to be at the top of your game in order to win. 

The Most Needed Accessories While Playing Modern Warfare

Getting a new keyboard, mouse, headset, and more, will definitely be helpful and is a good investment. But none of the are as good of an investment as the Modern Warfare cheats provided over at That’s because none of them are even close to being capable of helping you as much as their hacks for Modern Warfare. 

The most important thing is definitely your understanding of Modern Warfare, each of its weapons, what to do in each situation, and just knowing how to constantly improve. But even so, sometimes other things that aren’t related to your skill can help you perform much better in the game as well. 

Lots of people will tell you that great accessories and a good setup won’t be helping you perform better in Modern Warfare and that only your skill is important. These people are definitely wrong, as having the right equipment definitely helps a lot. That being said, we’ve provided a list of the most important accessories which you need to get straight away in order to start performing better in Modern Warfare than you usually do. 

Get A Great Keyboard and Mouse

One of the most important parts of every gaming setup is a great keyboard and mouse, and you’ll certainly be needing great ones if you wish to perform better. One of the first things you need is a good keyboard, preferably one that’s mechanical. Mechanical keyboards provide a slight advantage over standard keyboards, and this slight advantage turns out to be very helpful for games like Modern Warfare. 

Not only are they more durable, these mechanical keyboards are also much faster and comfortable to use. They have faster response rates which allows for faster input, which is obviously great for games like Modern Warfare in which you need to do things as quickly as possible.

As for the mouse, make sure that you get any great light mouse that is easy to move around. Try to make sure that it also has extra buttons (Mouse3 and Mouse4) so you can assign grenades and melee to them, which allows you to use both much more comfortably and quickly.

Get a High-Quality Headset

Getting a high quality headset for yourself is definitely very important as well, as paying attention to sound is one of the most important thing in video games like this. In Modern Warfare, enemies can sneak up to you in a second, but a good headset can help you prevent that. That’s because you’ll be able to hear them coming. 

Headsets of high-quality are capable of picking up the faint sounds of enemy footsteps in Modern Warfare. Not only does this help you know when enemies are nearby, it can also give you a pretty good idea of where they might be coming from. This allows you to stay prepared and avoid any unnecessary surprises that might get you killed. That’s why it’s definitely important that you invest in a great headset.

The Best Digital Accessory for Modern Warfare!

While the above mentioned accessories are all physical and can help you make your game slightly better, we are here to also introduce you to a ‘’digital’’ accessory for Modern Warfare that will help you the most out all. This digital accessory for the game is none other than the amazing Modern Warfare hacks by

Even if you’re new to shooters and tend to lose a majority of the matches that you play in Modern Warfare, there’s no need to worry any longer! Their hacks are here to help you become so good that you’ll be carrying your teammates in every single match, or dominating the arena whenever you step into a free-for-all game. In short, there isn’t anything better to get than their great hacks if you’re hoping to get accessories that help you perform better.

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