Black Hat and DEF CON Security Conferences Go Virtual Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world is going through a big disaster. Thus, in recent conferences, Black Hat and DEF CON Security decided to go virtual due to this pandemic.

Well, Balck Hat and DEF CON Security conferences are one of the world’s biggest cybersecurity events, and they have said that they will no longer be in person the whole summer as they will deal with every situation virtually.

Originally, both of these two conferences were programmed to take place in Las Vegas back to tail in the first two weeks of August 2020, but, now they will hold the conference with Black Hat from August 1 to August 6, and after that with DEF CON from August 7 to August 9.

This decision has taken due to the deadly global pandemic COVID-19, as everyone is trying to review the best way to serve the information security community across the past few months as the global health situation proceeds to increase. 

Therefore, in their recent announcement, Black Hat stated that they would not meet in person, their all work will be done virtually, and they are moving with their all plan to transfer Black Hat USA into an all-virtual and will hold their all event virtually to serve the community properly.

Moreover, the DEF CON security will also transfer its all event virtually and was named as DEF CON Safe Mode.

All plans that are the workshops, demo labs, and training CFPs submissions will be prepared as per the agenda as formerly planned, according to its official website. 

Moreover, DEF CON has also declared that they plan on utilizing their Discord server to create the virtual conference and all events will proceed in an online format.

Not only this, even the DEF CON also stated that they had canceled music album, remote CTFs which involve the Hack-a-Sat, Communities like the Packet Hacking communities, competitions like the TeleChallenge, and Ham Exams. 

All the remote movie night and drink-up have also been canceled, whereas, the DEF CON remote events will introduce a new online Mystery Challenge.

Well, as per the instruction, both the cybersecurity firm has stated that they will hold all their event virtually this whole summer, due to this deadly global COVID-19 pandemic, as the last few months were quite stressful to deal with all activities. 

As staying in the home during this lockdown and doing all work from home was quite difficult; therefore, with reading all the instruction that is given by the government, they decided to go virtually.

According to the DEF CON, the event organizers continue to be optimistic about in-person events in future years. But we all hope that these steps will help in the future to deal with this global pandemic. As we all want that every people should stay safe and secure, thus it was decided to go virtually.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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