Boost Instagram

Do you know that social media stands as the best way to boost your brand’s authority? How about the use of Instagram in that?

As of 2018, Instagram had 1 billion users with 500 million daily active users. That places Instagram at the forefront of social media marketing. If that be the case then, you can have your brand out there and have people buy it.

However, you will need to boost the brand so that it can be visible to many people. That way, your business will grow.

1.    Formulate Your Instagram Strategy

After creating your Instagram account, you will need to come up with the strategy you are going to use in boosting your brand. You should have a clear-cut goal for your marketing. If it’s boosting your brand awareness, your Instagram posts will have to be towards that. With the current large number of Instagram users, you must have a target group that you will focus on.

However, chances are that someone else has done what you intend to do. That is why the way to go is checking their Instagram profile to see what is working for them and better it. You must have specific content to post and time to post it for you to boost your brand authority. Knowing what works will be of great use to you in knowing what to use in your marketing on Instagram.

2.    Increase Your Followers

The first and foremost thing in boosting a brand’s authority is increasing your followers. Target the right people and strive to get more connections. However, remember to choose your audience carefully.

I mean, let them be people who have an interest in your brand. The good thing is that though this is much challenging to achieve, some platforms such as Firestrike can make it easy for you.

Not only that, but they will make it possible for your audience to pay attention to your brand which will definitely boost the brand’s authority as well as sales. use new New Marketing Labs.

3.    Co-Work With Influencers

According to Nick Kolenda, Micro influencers are the fastest way you can boost your brand’s authority.

You should build a relationship with influencers with above 50k followers that have communities around their brand. They can influence their followers to follow, like and buy your product too.

To find these influencers, you can use influencer platform such as Phalanx or run a hashtag search in your niche. Nevertheless, before you pay the influencer, calculate the effectiveness of the campaign by checking: engagement, reach, audience reaction, traffic, conversions, and product sale. One can buy Instagram followers from social noor.

4.    Choose The Right Hashtags

For your content to appear in the newsfeed of your target followers on search, always caption your content correctly. You can use the following hashtags:

  • Brands- established brands in your niche
  • Category- your niche
  • Descriptive- what your content entails
  • Expertise- your unique selling point
  • Location- where you are situated
  • Community- your micro-niche

Research shows that using two-words hashtags is better since they are better targeted; use them.

5.    Stories That Resonate With Your Brand

Though these stories disappear after 24 hours, they can help you boost your brand within a concise time. You may be surprised to realize that those 24 hours will boost the brand more than you could do on another social media in a week.

The stories are the best way to let your followers into your world. Use stories that resonate with your brand. These stories will help you build a relationship with your audience very fast.

6.    Have A Post Checklist

Since you are targeting boosting your brand’s authority, you want every post to give you the best result. For that to happen, have a post checklist. It should contain an image that suite your customers.

Consider the location by evaluating where most of your followers are live. Next, caption your content the best way to grab and retain the attention of your followers. Do you have some friends or influencers, tag them along.

Final Words

The power of Instagram in boosting your brand’s authority can never be compared to any other social media platform. If you are really serious about boosting the authority of your brand, don’t settle for less, Instagram is the place to be. Just apply the measures above.

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