Carbon Black an Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions Provider Accused of Fortune 1000 Companies sensitive data leaked and data contain more than Terabytes that including usernames, passwords, and network intelligence information, endpoint service cloud keys etc.

Carbon Black product is one of the most Popular

According to Direct defense Investigation, Leaked Data contains various Executable formats and it could recover the more sensitive data from several Carbon Black’s

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An APK Key that Tied with Carbon Black next-gen anti-malware EDR Product is Playing Major role in this Massive Data Leak.

Direct defense said, this is the primary key(APK Key) for uploading files by Carbon Black for Cb Response. By searching for similar uploads from this key, we found hundreds of thousands of files comprising terabytes of data. We started downloading some of these and digging a little deeper.


Data Leaked CB Customers Category

A serious Leak find in Several Pieces of compiled java bytecode  associated with Large Streaming Media company.

Slack API information found in content uploaded from Cb Response

Following Leaked Data by CB Product from Media Company.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) Credentials for the Company
  • Slack API Keys for the Company
  • The Company’s Crowd (Atlassian Single Sign On) Admin Credentials
  • Google Play keys
  • Apple Store ID

After Further Analyse again files being uploaded via Carbon Black’s key and identified files belongs to large social media company . Files including  Python Scripts that contains ,

  • Hardcoded AWS and Azure keys
  • Other internal proprietary information, such as usernames and passwords.

Third Analyse OF Direct defense Revealed that, another customer’s data in the stream of files Carbon Black’s key is uploading. These files included:

  • Shared AWS keys that granted access to customer financial data
  • Trade secrets that included financial models and possibly direct consumer data.

AWS and database information found in java code uploaded by Cb Response

According to Carbon Black,“The company expects that by the end of 2015 it will achieve 7 million+ software licenses sold, almost 2,000 customers worldwide.”

Image Source: Direct defense


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