Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S10’s Fingerprint Scanner Hacked Using 3D Printed Fingerprint

A security flaw in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 ultrasonic biometric fingerprint scanner can be bypassed by just having the duped 3D Printed Fingerprint...

New Android Malware “BasBanke” Steal Financial Data Such as Credentials & Credit/Debit Card Numbers

Researchers discovered a new Android Malware called "BasBanke" targeting Brazilian users to steals financial related sensitive data such as credentials and credit/debit...
Guard Provider

Vulnerability in Xiaomi Pre-Installed Security App Allows Hackers to Hijack Device by Injecting Malware

A vulnerability in Xiaomi Mi Pre-Installed Security App ‘Guard Provider’ exposes more than 150,000 devices to an attack.

Hackers Compromise iOS & Android Devices by Dropping Malware Over Hijacked WiFi Routers

Cybercriminals attempting to compromise iOS & Android devices via advanced Phishing campaign that redirect iOS users to a malicious landing page which...
Android Security Update

Android Security Update – Code Execution Flaw Let Hackers Control Your Android Device Remotely...

Android security bulletin published new security updates with the fixes for critical vulnerabilities that affected Android devices. Patched...


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