Malicious Android Dropper App ‘Xhelper’ Reinstall Itself after Uninstall – Infected 45K Devices

Researchers observed a persistent malicious Android dropper app dubbed XHelper capable of reinstalling itself again if users uninstalled from the devices.
NFC Vulnerability

NFC Beaming Vulnerability in Android Let Hackers to Infect Vulnerable Devices With Malware

NFC expanded as Near Field Communication, contains a set of protocols that allows Android devices to establish communication at a very shortest...
Ashas Adware

42 Malicious Android Apps Downloaded 8 Million Times From Google Play That Infect Users...

Researchers found nearly 8 Million Android users infected with adware that hides in the phone and display ads as per the attacker's...
SMS verification Code

Malicious Android Apps From Google Play Store Steal The SMS verification Code From System...

Researchers uncovered a new malicious Android app from the Google play store that disguised as a Photo Beautification App steal the SMS...
Gustuff banking malware

Gustuff Android Banking Malware Uses SMS Messages to Hack Users Device

Gustuff banking malware returns with new features, the threat actors behind Gustuff malware made changes with distribution hosts and disabled C2 infrastructure....


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