Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Project DDoSia – Russian Hackers Planning a Massive DDoS Attack

Hackers launch large-scale DDoS attacks to disrupt and make online services inaccessible, driven by motives like revenge or protest, flooding targets with massive amounts...

Anonymous Sudan Promoting New DDoS Botnet: Beware

It has come to light that a group known as Anonymous Sudan is actively promoting a new Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) botnet service...

New DDoS malware Attacking Apache big-data stack, Hadoop, & Druid Servers

Concerning a development for organizations leveraging Apache's big-data solutions, a new variant of the Lucifer DDoS botnet malware targeting Apache Hadoop and Apache Druid...

Bigpanzi Bot Hacks 170,000+ Android TVs to Launch DDoS Attacks

Android TVs are widely used, and due to their wide adoption, threat actors frequently target them for unauthorized access or data theft.In Android smart...

10 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks in 2023

Cyber attacks are evolving rapidly with advancements in technology, as threat actors exploit new vulnerabilities in:-SoftwareNetworks The rise of the following sophisticated techniques demonstrates a...

Ddostf DDoS Malware Attacking MySQL Servers in Windows Environments

Researchers found that vulnerable MySQL servers are being deployed with the Ddostf DDoS bot, which is capable of launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)...

XorDDoS Infects Linux Devices and uses them to Carry out DDoS Attacks

A new campaign has been discovered that uses XorDDoS Trojan, which affects Linux systems and devices, turning them into zombies that can be controlled...

Multiple Citrix NetScaler Flaw Leads to DoS Attack and Data Exposure

Critical vulnerabilities in Citrix NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway have exposed sensitive information and a denial of service attack.A malicious cyber actor can exploit one of...

Massive DDoS Attack Leveraged Zero-Day in HTTP/2 Rapid Reset

Multiple Google services and Cloud users were allegedly the target of a unique HTTP/2-based DDoS attack. The attack used a cutting-edge method known as HTTP/2 Rapid Reset,...

Mirai-based DDoS Attackers Aggressively Adopted New Router Exploits

In September 2023, FortiGuard Labs' vigilant team uncovered a significant development in the IZ1H9 Mirai-based DDoS campaign. This campaign, known for its aggressive tactics, had...

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